U-AG2 Softmaple Frolic In The Wind RN NAJ NF OJC TN-O NCC NAC TG-N, TD, TDX

Gambol and Sarah under judge Edie Allyn
First prize at Gambol's first UKC agility trial

DOB Aug 1 2003
CR-772G30F-PI, CR-EL159F30-PI, CR-874, CR-G3A7/33F-PI GSD IIIa

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Sunday (12/6) Gambol earned her TDX tracking titile at the Tidewater trial in Yorktown!!!

1/15/2006 Gambol passed her certification track.

4/06 At a NADAC trial in MD, Gambol earned her first 2 Qs in Novice Touch N go.

5/06 UKC agility trial in Gloucester, Va. Gambol earned qualifying leg #2 towards her AG1 title with a 198 score.

6/10/2006 Gambol finished up the last leg (with a second place) for her U-AG1 title

9/2/2006 at the NADAC trial in Millersville Maryland, Gambol got a 2nd placement in Novice Jumpers which earned her Novice Jumpers title.

9/2/2006 Gambol earned her first Novice Regular Q.

10/7/2006 U-AG1 Softmaple Frolic In The Wind NJC TN-N earned her third leg of her Novice Tunnelers title with a 3rd class placement at a NADAC trial in NC. Gambol also ran in Jumpers and got a 3rd place finishing in 19 seconds on a 27 seconds SCT time course.

Oct 21st U-AG1 Softmaple Frolic In The Wind NJC TN-N wins her Open Tunnelers class with a First Place

10/29/2006 Gambol wins her Open Jumpers class with a first placefor her first Open Jumpers leg.

11/4/2006 UKC trial Gambol ran in AG1 (She already has the title) she was very speedy and steady and came away with scores of 196 and a 194

She also ran her first time in AG2 and earned her first leg with a 3rd class placement.

11/18/2006 NADAC trial in Youngsville, N.C. Gambol had a most excellent day.

She took a 1st place in her Open Jumpers class for her second Open Jumpers leg, followed by a 3rd place in Open tunnelers for her second Open Tunnelers leg, followed by a 2nd place in Novice Chances for her first Novice Chances leg.

12/2/2006 at a NADAC trial in Millersville, Md. Gambol took a 2nd place and finished her Novice Touch N Go title.

1/26/2007 U-AG1 Softmaple Frolic In The Wind NJC, TN-N, TG-N earned her first Rally leg

1/27/2007 U-AG1 Softmaple Frolic In The Wind NJC, TN-N, TG-N earned her second Rally leg with a Fourth class placement.

Congratulations to Sarah and U-AG1 Softmaple Frolic In The Wind NJC, TN-N, TG-N, TN-O, RN who earned their AKC Rally Novice title last weekend.
The weekends before that, she earned her NADAC (North American Dog Agility Council) Open level Tunnelers title (TN-O) with a 3rd place.

2 AKC Novice Jumpers with Weaves legs with a 3rd and a 1st place

Gambol earned one NADAC Novice Reguar (standard) leg with a 1st place.

4/29/2007 U-AG1 Softmaple Frolic In The Wind NJC, TN-N, TG-N, TN-O, NAC, RN earned her North American Dog Agility Council Novice Regular title (NAC) with a first place. Then she got her second Novice Chances (formerly called Gamblers) leg. Then she went out and earned her first Novice Weavers leg with a second place.

6/25/2007 News from Sarah and Gambol: Gambol, and I went to a UKC (United Kennel Club) agility trial this weekend. Gambol did very well. She is really settling down and focusing more on the task at hand now. I entered her in 4 classes, two AG1 classes and two AG2 classes. She already had her AG1 (level 1) title, but I wanted her to have more ring experience, thus she was entered in those. She took a 2nd place and a fourth place in them with respectable scores of 193 (out of 200) and 198.

We were trying to finish up the last two need legs for her AG2 (level 2) title and were successful. She took two first places in her classes with scores of 191 and 198!

6/30/2007 U-AG 2 Softmaple Frolic In The Wind RN, NAC, NJC, TN-O, TG-N earns her first AKC Novice FAST leg.

7/22/2007 Congratulations on Sarah and Gambol on earning their Novice Jumpers with Weaves (NAJ) title with a 2nd place at the Westminster, Md AKC agility trial!

8/26/2007 Gambol earned the second leg of her Novice FAST with a third class placement.

9/1/2007 At the the Berks Co. Training Club's AKC agility trial, AG2 Softmaple Frolic In The Wind RN NAJ NF NAC NJC TG-N TN-O, qualified for her first AKC Standard leg with a first place.

Gambol earned her Novice FAST (NF) title on Saturday with her third leg.

9/2/2007 AG2 Softmaple Frolic In The Wind RN NAJ NF NAC NJC TG-N TN-O earned a fourth Novice FAST leg with a fourth place.

9/14/2007 Gambol and Sarah went to a NADAC agility trial in N.C. AG2 Softmaple Frolic In The Wind RN NAJ NF NAC NJC TG-N TN-O, NCC, finished up her Novice Chances title (NCC) and took a first place in Open Touch N Go for her first leg! Gambol also earned her first Novice Hoopers leg on Saturday.

10/6/07 North Carolina NADAC Agility Trial U-AG2 Softmaple Frolic In The Wind RN NAJ NF OJC TN-O NCC NAC TG-N and Sarah had a very busy day!

Qd with a 3rd place for her 2nd Elite Tunnelers leg
Qd with a 3rd place for her 2nd Novice Hoopers leg
Qd with a 2nd place for her 2nd Open Chances leg
Qd with a 2nd place to finish her Open Jumpers title!

10/13/2007 Gambol earned her 2nd Open Touch N Go leg with a 3rd place at a NADAC Agility Trial in Maryland.

6/10/2006 Gambol finished up the last leg (with a second place) for her U-AG1 title.

Brother Wrigley
Brother Beckett
Brother Lexis
Brother Snuffie
Sister Maia
CH Softmaple Sziok Seven Stars

At the 2004 CCRCA National

CH Aberbran Bar Von Bern WC WCX JH SH OFA good; CR-608G24M-PI CR-CA123/37M/P-PI CERF

NKOKI Matabele Warrior (Aust.-Imp.)

Lizallwood Lucifer KCT2594901 AVA Hip Score 3:4 (UK-Imp.)

Sh Ch Gladrags Dynamite Hip (3:2) KCSB287BW

Tamavon Swift AVA Hip Score 4:4

Aust. Ch. Blazeaway Classic Lace, CD,TD

AUST CH Blazeaway Bowser

AUST CH Blazeaway Magpie Magic

Ebony Belle of Tavistock

Gr. Ft. Ch. Midisland Sinbahd

NZ CH & FT CH Pukemere Mure Kuri

Toakaha Atiamuri

Gr. Ft. Ch. Tavistock Penelope

Fernland Black Prince

Ardkeen Elect

CH SoftMaple's International Fling CGC CR-CA134/34F/C-PI, CERF CR-640G26F-PI, CR-EL97F26-PI

Dutch, VDH, German Ch. Caballus Inferno JWW'98, W'98, Europasieger '99, Bundessieger'99 Hips A/A (Finland), B1 (Holland)

Int&FIN&N Ch, NordV-95-97-98, FINW-96-97-98-99, SW-96-98, JWW-96 Caballus Fair Dinkum hips A/A, clear eye cert '99

Ch Darelyn Double Dutch

Int.Nord.Ch Caballus Out For A Blaze

Oak's Wild Song

World Ch Cornish Marksman

Oak's Rhapsody

CH Mathel Felicitation ROM CR-CA3/38F/C CR-453G24F CERF

CH Haamorin Indeksi ROM CR-CA2/89M/C-T CR-315G24M-T

FIN CH Häämörin Hurmuri

Häämörin Usvana

CH Darelyn Zelsa CR-EL12 CR-351G31F

Sh Ch Darelyn Sutton Tied Boy

Darelyn Wychita

Owned and loved by Sarah Alling
Our other Curly Kiwi

Thanks to K-9s Rule & Fuzzy Faces for the agility graphics

Curlies and agility go hand in hand. These dogs love the sport. Basic obstacles comprising an agility course might include: high jumps, bar jumps, broad jumps, tire and hoop jumps, water, platform, sway bridge, A-frame, teeter-totter and dogwalk. Other obstacles are weave poles, weave hoops, open and pipe tunnels, collapsed tunnel, crawl tunnel, tables and boxes. Dogs must, of course, clear the jumps on the course, and they must touch the "contact zones" on obstacles that include that requirement. In competition, the dog must touch at least one foot in the contact zone or faults are accumulated. The reason for this is to ensure that dogs negotiate certain obstacles safely. The natural agility of the curly makes them super at this sport. They can be clowns in the obedience ring, but their speed, intelligence and natural athleticism gives them and edge in Agility competition. Its great fun for both you and your curly. There have been several very successful curly and owner teams in the US and Canada.