SoftMaple's Northern Star JH, CR-EL133M36-PI CR-720G36M-PI
Fenway would be assumed clear of GSD based on the absence of the GSD mutation in both parents.

CH SoftMaple's O'Dark Thirty MH CD TT CGC HOF WCQ CR-CA177/89M/C-PI-ECHO, CR-685, CR-536G27M-T, GSDIIIa clear, CHIC# 26208 Cardiac clear 1998,

Ch. Riverwatch DesertWind ROM CR-EL30 CR-429E24M, CERF CR-564, CHIC, GSDIIIa clear

Ch. Karakul Trademark ROM CR-199G29M-T, CERF

BISS CH Ptarmigan Gail At Riverwatch CD WC CGC TT TDI CR-EL10-T CR-336F28F-T, CERF CR-380 92,94,96,98 CHIC

Ch. Avanti's Best Bet CGC CD ROMX CR-CA12/56F/C CR-408E24F, CERF CR-483 95,96,99, GSDIIIa clear

BISS Ch. Ptarmigan Walk The Wild Side CR-339G26M-T, CERF

Ch. Springolds Irish Spring CR-252G30F, CERF

CH Charwin Evensong WCX JH CGC CD
SN24115701 CR-CA22/41F/C CR-480F35F CERF CR-489 95,98,2000, GSDIIIa clear

Am & Can CH Pasha N Charwins's Black Jack Am & Can WC ROM CR-220G26M CERF CR-314 90,92,93,99

CH Pasha's Raisin Kane V Wits End ROM CR-130

Ch Charwin-Paisley Cr Porsche, CDX,WC,ROMX,HOF,TDI CR-109-T CR-124

CH Aarowag's Music of the Night,CD,WCQ,JH CR-300G25F-T

Ch. Rockmeadow Deliverance,CD,WCX,JH,TT,ROM CR-161G24M-T

Am/Mex Ch Hartfire Karakul Yaquina,CD,WCX,JH,WR,ROM,HOF CR-150G2

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8282 Soft Maple Road
Croghan New York 13327


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