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Tips for Greater Success

Here are a few tips from readers taking calls around 20 minutes long:

TAKE A HOLD OF THE READING from the very beginning. DELIVER INFORMATION right away. DEMONSTRATE your psychic ability based on their name, place of residence, birthday.

When you feel that the caller is hanging up after only a few minutes because he/she wants the free minutes only, try saying that in your opinion, if they call back for several 3 minute free readings they will not get good, psychic information. Suggest that they stay with you for 5 or 6 minutes and hear your psychic impressions.

The media teaches the public about more and more metaphysical subjects every day. It started with Shirley McLaine and Uri Geller, now James Van Pragh and Sylvia Brown are frequently on TV and Radio talking about Spirit Guides, Angels, Past Lives, etc. Keep up to date. Look into these subjects and incorporate them into your readings. Our callers love hearing about news-making subjects in which they are interested.

Give your client something to do after the reading is over. This could be affirmations, a book to read or a meditation to try. Have them write down the instructions during your reading. Talk about how/when/where they will put this empowering exercise into their life. Any affirmation or meditation will focus energy in the direction of the area where they need empowerment. These gifts are your calling card, and will remind clients to call you back. You may want to suggest that they incorporate the process daily or weekly for 3-4 weeks, and then call you back to let you know how it worked.

Remember! This is a psychic line, not just a self-help line. Offer gifts of magic to your callers.

Let your client talk. Don't do all the talking yourself. Many people call our service just to express themselves to someone who is kind and understands.

Recommended Reading for YOU AND YOUR CLIENTS.

Past Lives Therapy - Newton & Shiffrin; Develop Your Psychic Abilities - L. Burns; Spiritual Tarot, 78 Paths to Personal Development - Echols, Mueller, & Thompson; Creative Visualization - Shakti Gawain; The Artist’s Way - Julia Cameron; The Sun Sign Book

More Tips and Suggestions:

1) Make a Friend: It’s much easier to make a friend in a personal face to face reading than on the phone, because the Caller can’t see your expressions, smile, etc. This all needs to be reflected in your voice when doing a reading on the phone, they do pick up on your expressions from your voice.
* Relax, and speak to them as if they were a friend for a long time already.
* Ask questions about things you are picking up on to get them talking with you, so you can make a better “connection” with them.
* LISTEN to what they are saying, it is what they want you to focus on !

2) Their intuitions and abilities: Try to pick up on their abilities regarding psychic abilities, intuitive, visions, dreams that come true, etc. and ask them to give examples of their experiences. Clients love to talk with someone knowledgeable about their own abilities. Help them to understand and how to be able to better use their abilities for practical purposes in day to day life, like using their abilities regarding people, situations, decisions, etc.

3) They want to know you really care: These are very real people, some with very real problems or troubles. Most will open up right away if they feel you really care about their needs, troubles, desires, goals, love life, finances, career and goals, etc. etc. Ask questions like “How do you feel about that ?”, “What did you say or do when that happened ?”, because these types of questions show that you care and are listening. Don’t be afraid to ask, these people want you to care to ask - that’s why they called and they want to make a friend too.

4) Turn every situation into a positive one: If something comes up negative in a reading you should always look for what can be done to change it, like “The cards show this could be a problem but they also show what can be done about it”. Get the idea, it’s easy to do, and it’s why they called. NOTHING is carved in stone, and the reason you have the Psychic or Clairvoyant gifts that you do is so you can help other people with it, and on-Line you have the opportunity to help people all across the country.

5) Don’t be “scattered”: Try to keep the topic being discussed in focus. If you jump from topic to topic without results or a finish to the previous one then what has been accomplished ? The client may end up more confused or in doubt about something than they were in the first place.

6) Skeptics: Telling a skeptic something they already know is a good way to get them involved with things they don’t already know, and to get them talking with you so you can make a better “connection”.

7) Looking for another Psychic on the Line: When a client calls back to get a particular Psychic’s extension their call may be re-routed to you because they are either not logged on or on another call. Simply tell them the call was transferred to you because they’re not on-line, and that there must be something they wanted to ask about so let’s take a look. . . . , then give them a great reading so it’s you they call back for next time.

8) Lay out additional readings: Any time a client mentions a spouse, significant other, relative, child, friend, work associate, etc. you have the opportunity to lay out a reading for that person also, because you can connect with the client’s feelings and thoughts about the person, and be able to get more accurate information to the client. With the Client’s reading still laid out simply lay out another reading for the other person being discussed, and you’ll be able to correlate the two readings together to get a better feel for details.

9) Timing of events: A wonderful way to get a good handle on the timing of things and events is to lay out an additional spread for the same person. The 12 month Astrological spread (also known as a time line reading) is excellent for this. In addition to their original spread lay out 13 more cards, 1 for each month and a summary card for the full 12 months. The first card laid out is the current month and each card thereafter proceeds for the next 11 months. It is very easy to do, and it will amaze you how much more information will show during the time of the event in addition to what is in the original spread. You can lay this out at the same time as your original spread by saying something like “. . . . .and I’m going to lay out a time line reading for you too so we can get a better handle on the timing of things”, but it can also be laid out any time during the reading. The time line reading can also be used for the additional spreads of other persons while the client’s spread is still laid out.

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