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When the calls come in to the service bureau through the long distance carrier they must be distributed to the IC’s who are currently logged on to the system, which is done by the service bureau. Each time the phone rings the computer adjusts the priority of the IC to receive calls. The computer adjusts the priority based on:
1) Number of minutes the IC performs
2) Call average
3) Client information capture %
4) Number of callbacks to the 900# generated by you giving that callback number out.

Example of how call priority works on Line: When calls come in the computer looks at who is logged on, then it looks at the priority of each IC, then it sends the call to the IC with the best priority who is not currently on a call. It is obvious that the better priority you have the more calls you will receive while logged on. To not drop down so low in priority that you won’t receive as many calls you could set your goals to do LOTS of minutes, better than a 15 minute call average, and above 68% client information capture. Call average = total number of minutes divided by total number of calls.

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