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For Irish Wolfhounds, other Irish breeds and Husky breeds.

This page is for the purpose of finding homes for the above mentioned breeds. [note: owners of hybrid wolves, please be cautious, these are illegal in most states and are commonly called 'husky mixes' and are usually killed upon contact with any dog pound or humane society]. If you know of one or any of these, or any animal (horse, goat or etc.) needing a home, just e-mail or icq with the particulars and we will post it here.  You must include some way of contacting you and where the animal is located or how the transport will be arranged. A photo will be welcomed and posted.  The more details you give the better chance of finding a good home.  Below you will find a message board please feel free to list needs and discuss issues here. Children can access this board, if I find any messages they shouldn't, those messages will be deleted a.s.a.p. Beneath the message board and the doors to the other rooms you will find the Irish Wolfhound breeders web ring and the logos/links for Irish Wolfhound clubs and Wolf rescue clubs, as well as the IKC. (Left click on the logo/picture to go to their home page.) These clubs usually have information regarding rescue organizations within their districts. Please be honest about the adoptee with the adopter.  If you have a home to share, please contact the e-mail or other contact source of the person who has the animal friend needing a home and go from there.  Adopters, please note, the Saints watch over these transactions and if you mean any of these homeless ones harm, you will be paid back in kind.

           icq #81235638  e-mail
Ads will be posted here when we have some.
If none are posted, then we don't have any.
There are some people wanting to adopt homeless IWs.
Their contact information is on the message board.
Last ad. here had a very happy ending.

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Pet Train
The Rail

The Purple Ribbon is linked to a petition for kindness to animals.

Candy Kitchen Rescue Ranch Star Route 2, Box 28 Ramah, NM 87321 E-mail (, or call / fax us at: (505) 775-3304.

Wildlife Education & Research

O.L.S.S. Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation.

This is a very large rescue ranch for homeless pets.

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