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Excerpts from a speech at the opening program of the Cultural Peace Forum and Human Rights 2000


It is very encouraging to know that there are still a big number of people such as you who are deeply committed to and zealously engaged in the pursuit of peace not only in Albay or the Philippines but in the rest of the world, as well.


            When, out of fear or indifference, we refuse to risk ourselves to help others, speak out the truth, or stand for our rights and the rights of others, then we encourage the perpetrators of violence to continue their acts of injustice and selfish disregard of human rights. Then we become obstacles to the kind of peace and freedom necessary for enabling us to work unhampered and be productive for our good and the welfare of our fellowmen.


So it is indeed most timely and relevant for us all to gather with the express purpose of finding sustainable ways and means to replace this sinister culture of war and violence with that of peace and social justice in the vital interest of nation-building and socio-economic progress It is indeed most timely and relevant for us all to strongly affirm once again that “PEACE IS POSSIBLE! PEACE IS A HUMAN RIGHT!” as your theme for this forum proudly proclaims 


May this forum serve as a dynamic catalyst for healing the ugly wounds inflicted by war and hatred and nurturing peace and harmony wherever we go not only for now, but beyond this millennium —for all time, so that we may rejoice and proclaim for generations to come, “PEACE ON EARTH TO MEN OF GOOD WILL!”