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Sebastian Spence

Sebastian Spence got his start as an actor in local theater. With his mother being a successful local actress, and his father being a playwright, it seemed like a perfecty natural carrer choice for him.

Some of his numerous stage credits include "Crime and Punishment", "Later That Same Life", "The Ones That Got Away", "King Lear", "Wolf in the Fold", and "The Great Fire Show".

His first film, "The Boys of St. Vincent" was a multi award-winning and critically acclaimed movie that drew realism from the actual horrors of Mount Cashel Orphanage, in Spence's own hometown. Here children endured years of physical as well as sexual absuse at the hands of those that were entrusted with their care.

Born In: St. John's, Newfoundland

Films He Enjoys: Just about anything Sci-fi (especially the bad ones) (Just like me!!!!!)

Three All-Time Favorite Films: "Time Bandits", "Blade Runner", and "Road Warrior"

Role Models: Harrison Ford, Gene Hackman, and Mel Gibson

Hobbies/Interests: Guitar, motorcyles, and writing

Status: Single (YES!!!)