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He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster.:

Freidrich Nietzsche




One thing I feel I should get out is that I do not beleive in organised religion, which gets me a lot of grief from most people. I do beleive in a god but I beleive that no matter what religion you are it's the same god. I just feel that organised religion has caused more harm to this world then it has done good, for example the catholics and protestants in Irland and the crusades of the middle ages.

With all these school shootings happening in recent years, we've all heard violent music, movies, games and TV programs come under fire from critics. In my opinion these things can not make someone do something. I myself listen to, play and watch those and have never had a problem. There has to be the idea already in the persons mind. With the latest shooting in Santee I'm glad to see the attention shifting to one of the main causes and problems, which is bullying. People can only be pushed around, walked over and beat on so much before they snap.

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