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Tomís Infinite Science Archive

Tomís Infinite Science Archive: Atomic Physics -
Atom & Atomic Theory
The Standard Model
Color Charge & Confinement
Tomís Infinite Science Archive: Astrophysics -

Interesting Phenomena:
The Universe
Black holes In Spacetime
Journey Into A Black Hole
Quasars - Coming Very Soon
White holes and Worm Holes - Coming Very Soon
Neutron Stars and Pulsars - Coming Soon

Planetary Astronomy: Coming Soon -

Other Celestial Objects: - Coming Soon -

Interesting Theories: - Coming Soon -
The Big Bang
Quantum Theory

Greetings and welcome.
This archive features the best information, images and animations on many interesting and intriguing science subjects.

In Both my main two subjects you will find extensive information about almost everything you needed. I have arranged it for all types of interests, if you are just starting out or have been only researching for a short period of time you should always start at the top of the page and read down. For example, in atomic physics, if you were to proceed straight to Hydrogen Isotopes with skipping Atomic Nucleus, you may not understand it as well as you could, so if you are not familiar with certain subjects presented, take my advise and read from top to bottom. But if you know quite well what I am talking about then please feel free to skip and advance to any place.
Only a few of the subjects in Astrophysics are up and running yet, I hope to get some more going soon but I am quite occupied at the moment. If I have not done it in what you would consider a long enough period of time then pleas Email me.

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