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Tyran Forums

Tyran's Cove Main

Deaths and Resurrections

Marriages, Births, Divorces

Supreme High Council

Recognized Clans

zX ~ Manor Clan

Dk ~ Dark Kingdom

vM ~ Vampyre Ministry

nL ~ Night Lords

Di ~ Dark Immortals

HG ~ House of Grim

LsT ~ Lust Family

eK ~ Emerald Kingdom

dM ~ Dark Moon

nS ~ Night Stalkers

Rd ~ Reapers of Death


vT ~ Vampyre Trinity

DH ~ Demon Horde

vL ~ Vampire Legions

jG ~ Jesuit Genesis

dC ~ Dark Carnival

VI ~ Vampire Immortals

gK ~ Gothic Knights

Unrecognized Clans

Hearts of Honor

nK ~ Noble Kindred

DF ~ Dark Forces

History of Tyran

Game Rules

Rules of Combat

Dungeon Masters (DM)

Gods of Tyran

RPG Help

NOTE: This Site was created by Vlar Dracul for the Land of Tyran. This is the "official" Tyran Site. Please report any dead links or any needed updates by E-Mailing HG_LordGrim_HG. Thank you.

Tyran's Cove

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