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1. LEG   2. CHUMP   3. LOIN   4. BELLY   5. SHOULDER
LEG- Boneless rolled roasting joints are becoming increasingly popular. Ideal
for carveries. Legs can also be used for escalopes and steaks, or cubed for
kebabs and stirfrys.(1)
CHUMP- Prepared with or without the bone as chops or steaks and can be grilled
pan fried or braised.(2)
LOIN- Suitable for roasting, grilling and frying. Can be roasted whole on the
bone or boneless, cut into chops or boned for single and double loin steaks.(3)
FILLET(TENDERLOIN)- Prepared from the loin, a prime piece of meat with little 
or no fat, ideal for medallions.(3)
LOIN AND BELLY- Roasting joint prepared from the whole loin and belly.(3,4)
SPARE RIBS- Single rib bones from either the loin or the belly, often available
BELLY- Sold either bone-in, boneless for roasting or slices for grilling and
SHOULDER- Can be boned and rolled whole or divided into smaller joints consisting
of hand and spare rib for roasting. Strips of pork from the shoulder are excellent
for stir fry and are also suitable to dice or mince for stews and casseroles.(5)