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1. Leg    2. Topside/Silverside   3. Thick Flank   4. Rump   5. Sirloin
6. Thin Flank   7. Forerib   8. Thin Rib   9. Chuck & Blade   10. Thick Rib
11. Brisket   12. Neck   13. Clod   14. Shoulder(Neck)
TOPSIDE- Lean cut of beef ideal for roasting with little or no fat. Often
purchased with a layer of fat tied to it.(2)
SILVERSIDE- Traditionally salted and sold for boiling. Today it is more often
roasted but because it is lean it may require basting. Can also be used as 
braising steak.(2)
THICK FLANK- Lean cut suitable for roasting, pot roasting and braising, or 
when sliced it can be used for frying or grilling.(3)
RUMP- Lean tender cut, sold in slices for grilling or frying.(4)
SIRLOIN- Taken from the loin this cut can be supplied off the bone as steaks
or as a roasting joint.(5)
THIN FLANK- Frequently used as mince.(6)
FORERIB- The traditional cut known as the Roast Beef of Old England. Sold
on the bone, part boned and boned and rolled. A classic on the carvery. Also
provides rib eye steaks.(7)
THIN RIBS & THICK RIBS- Usually boned and rolled, or sliced for braising and
pot roasting, also known as Leg of Mutton Cut.(8,10)
CHUCK AND BLADE- Lean cut removed from the bone and prepared as chuck steak.
Suitable for braising, stewing and pie fillings.(9)
BRISKET- Supplied on or off the bone, rolled. Useful for braising, boiling or
pot roasting.(11)
NECK AND CLOD- Usually trimmed, diced and prepared for stewing or mince.(12,13)
SHIN AND LEG- Lean meat with a proportion of connective tissue/collagen.
Use for stews, casseroles, stocks and soups. Can also be used for mince.(14,1)
FILLET- Fillet is the smaller 'eye' on the inside of the backbone. It is
usually removed and sold seperately in slices as fillet steak or whole 
pieces for beef wellington. T-bone steaks consist of both 'eyes', sirloin and
fillet, held together and separated by the backbone.
MINCE- Can be produced from several of the cuts listed above. Today's leaner
carcases naturally produce leaner mince suitable for a range of specialist and
ethnic dishes.