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Welcome to the home of vT. Here you will find all the information that you will need to know about our family.

Who are we you ask? We are unlike any clan you will encounter. All of our members deeply care for one another. We are a family, bonded by the consumation of the Elder blood. Inseperable even in death. It is our bond that sets us apart from all others.

Queen of the Night

She walks in beauty a goddess of the night the moon envies her and the world exists only for her delight

Her hair is a swirl of midnight her lips blood red her skin is silk her eyes could stir the dead

Upon a lonely road she travels seeking dark pleasures the lives of men are no concern to her but their blood is her treasure

Through the night she dances to all she is a blight And on and on she feeds The vampyre Queen of the night

A poem by vT_FleshGrinder in honor of vT_LadyDeath_vT

~vT for Eternity.....Family Forever~

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Are you vT material?
We love to get new family members, but hardly no one seems worthy. Do you think you are?
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Vampire Tremere is no longer around, but lives in memory.