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Like a Ghastly rapid river,

Through the pale door;

A hideous throng-rush out forever!

And laugh!- But smile no more.

--Haunted Palace

         Wednesday, 28th January 2004

RolePlay: RedTideInc Re-Opened!
Hello everyone. Just a little note to say .RTI is open again, and the forums will be open again soon. Layout should be changing to something that has a lot less crap, and lot more relevence. Who really cares about those quotes at the top? I sure as hell don't.

         Red Tide Inc

Red Tide Community Submitted Articles
[By: doubler]
Spirit Slavery Author: Jeremy :RP/info/spiritslavery.html;
Spirit slavery, the art of enslaving the soul; binding the essence; trapping the spirit. A uncommon practice within Tenaria RPG; but it is known to happen. This is no mere 'I have your soul, you are mine'. No, this is an artform, perfected over countless years by the Twisting Nether disciples. I will explain later in this article the exact purpose of the slavery, how to do it, when, where, and why. It is a ritual, binding a spirit, not a common thing to be tossed around in the middle of some seedy tavern. A art, as I said. Easily it can go wrong, and destroy the caster completely. It is somthing that takes years to master, and when then it is not done often.
Concerning Dragons Author: Christion :RP/races/dragons;
Some questions have been posed as to dragons in Tenaria, while it is not decided whether there are dragons or not dragons I think it is high time some facts were posted about them. There is ofof course a raise of dragon type people they are called Dracahoth. While I doubt someone wwould find themselves in the opprotunity to play a dragon in Tenaria, it might still be good to have some info on them. So here goes.
Garvix Author:doubler :RP/storyline/garvix;
Back when I played Garvix regularly I decided that within his story line I should keep updated all the major events that would influence his course of roleplay and my point of playing him as a character, but as all things Garvix has moved on, and most of you might still remember him, but recently I stumbled across his old character story, including alot of events that unfolded while I played him. Who knows, maybe one of your characters are mentioned in the story? Take a look. It hasn't been updated in a long time though.

Red Tide News
[By: doubler]
Shuttle Columbia: Tragedy
Four Winged Dinosaur: Found
Man wins Jackpot: Twice?
Nasa to Go Nuclear
First Ever Artificial Organism Created
Jeremy McKinney , R.I.P

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