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Jack Frost

Jack Frost nipping at your nose!

We all know that line. It was made famous in The Christmas Song. But, what is it all about? This page isn't about Christmas, though a lot does pertain so. This page is about the character we've come to know as Jack Frost.

Where did Jack Frost come from? Technically, wherever there was snow, there was a story about a wintery figure. Each figure had a different name, personality, and sometimes gender. As for Jack Frost, the most commonly found sources of origon were the Norse and Russian tales.

In Norse tales, so resources say, Jack Frost was named Jokul Frosti, which means Icicle Frost. Unfortunately, there is little to no information that I could find on this character. From what is available, Jokul Frosti was the son of the winds. But, that is the extent of the information, using the full name. Viking tales speak of not Jokul Frosti, but plain Jokul, a cowardly excuse for a man. Another Norse ice figure were Hrym-Jotun, or Frost Giants, though I tend to doubt there connection is at all great.

Another connection comes from Russian tales. The figure originally was Grandfather Frost, a cruel Santa Claus figure who, instead of giving gifts to nice children, focused on punishing the naughty children.

After some time, Grandfather Frost became known as Father Frost, a much more stereotipic Santa Claus figure. He was said to be an old kind man/spirit in heavy blue robes who gave gifts to good children. Other tales go further to say that Father Frost was wedded to the Spring and fathered with Her a daughter other tales have simply named the Snow Maiden. Some say she helped Father Frost distribute gifts to the well-behaved children. Yet, unrelated, Father Frost was said to forge chains of ice in which to bond solid ground to water, making it one frozen mass.

But what does this Santa figure have to do with Jack Frost? From what I've read anc concluded, Jack Frost and Santa Claus may well have been one in the same at one time, via Father Frost. And, like all good stories, these, as well as the Norse tales began to travel abroad and into the English-speaking countries. When Vikings traveled to these countries, it was said Jokul, the coward went with them. Other tales say the not-well-known Jokul Frosti, the other character came and became know to the English as Jack Frost.

Another runor comes to mind, as I have spoken to many people about this research. A few people have suggested that Jokul Frosti was not a big tale and that the English came up with Jack Frost after misinterpretting the dilaect. IT is suggested that when the Enlgish saw two separate words, Jokul {Icicle} and Frosti {Frost} close together, they mistook the words for a name, or personified winter being, which was then known as Jack Frost.

When Jokul Frosti and Father Frost came together to form what we know as Jack Frost, they underwent many changes. Jokul was no longer a cowardly tag-along, but a bold, independant soul. He became very playful and brash as well. From Father Frost, Jack Frost became an opposite. He was fair, young and beautiful instead of old. He left behind the long robes and took up a much lighter attire, making it easier to play with the children. Jack Frost also, like Father Frost, had a trade. But, instead of forging heavy chains, Jack Frost displayed his artistic nature in painting. His most famous colors were white for the frost and snow, blue for the winter sky, and grey for the clouds ready to burst with heavy snow. Another feature Jack Frost shares with Father Frost is his love to give to children. He doesn't give lavish gifts, but sees to it that the winds bring the chestnuts, or any nut for that matter, from the trees so that children may gather them to eat.

Rhymes & Songs

Jack Frost & the Hooded Crow

--Jethro Tull

Through long December nights we talk in words of rain or snow

While you, through chattering teeth, reply and curse us as you go.

Why not spare a thought this day for those who have no flame

To warm their bones at Christmas time?

Say Jack Frost and the Hooded Crow.

Now as the last broad oak leaf falls, we beg: consider this ...

There's some who have no coin to save for turkey, wine or gifts.

No children's laughter round the fire, no family left to know.

So lend a warm and a helping hand ...

Say Jack Frost and the Hooded Crow.

As holly pricks and ivy clings, your fate is none too clear.

The Lord may find you wanting, let your good fortune disappear.

All homely comforts blown away and all that's left to show

is to share your joy at Christmas time

with Jack Frost and the Hooded Crow.

Through long December nights we talk in words of rain or snow

While you, through chattering teeth, reply and curse us as you go.

Why not spare a thought this day for those who have no flame

To warm their bones at Christmas time?

Say Jack Frost and the Hooded Crow.

Jack Frost. The Personification of Frost.

Jack Frost looked forth one still, clear night,

And he said, "Now I shall be out of sight:

So over the valley and over the height

In silence I'll take my way."

Oh, Jack Frost

--Alice C.D. Riley

--Terry Kluytmans

Oh, Jack Frost is a merry, merry elf;

And a merry, merry elf is he.

He calls for his coat,

And he calls for his brush,

And he calls for his paintpots one, two, three,

And he calls for his paintpots three.

He paints with glee on ev'ry window pane,

Things very, very fine to see

A mountain high

And a lake close by

And the branches on the tree, tree, tree,

And the branches on the tree.

Oh, Jack Frost plays so many, many tricks,

He is so very brash and bold.

He pinches the cheeks

And he tweaks the nose

And he turns us blue with c-c-cold,

And he turns us blue with cold.

Jack Frost

--Alice C.D. Riley

--Terry Kluytmans

Come out, come out!

October is here;

Come out, come out!

The weather is clear.

Jack Frost has brought something

For you and for me; His frosty white paintings --

A wonder to see!

Come look, come look!

We've only begun;

Come look, come look!

For Jack is not done.

Yes, there are more presents

From jolly Jack Frost;

They're hidden in leaves

That the north wind has tossed.

Ripe nuts, ripe nuts!

For me and for you;

Ripe nuts, ripe nuts!

Let's gather a few.

Jack Frost seems to know

That we love things to eat;

And hot roasted chestnuts

Are such a good treat!

Modern movies change the image of Jack Frost yet again. Several books and movies make this character range from a kind elf, a Father Frost figure, a snowman, or a merciless killer. I've not read any books about Jack Frost, so I am unable to share them. As for Jack Frost movies, I've seen a few. This is actually why this page is on both the Other and the Movies sections of my Site Map. Let me clarify that there are older movies with the Jack Frost theme, but I have not seen them, so I cannot share them here.But, anything I have seen will be posted here.

Jack Frost

{ 1979 }

This story takes place, my guess, during the Arthurian period, since King Arthur is mentioned in this movie to be alive, or not so long dead. As far as Jack Frost is concerned, this is my favorite movie. It was first aired on television in 1979 and is performed by stop-animation puppeteering. The method was also used to create Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Year Without a Santa Claus as well as many other Rankin/Bass films. In this film, the Jack Frost image changes only slightly, keeping the innocence of the old English Jack Frost. Instead of a pain brush, Jack was a tall and fair elf, though the snow-gypsy, Holly called him a sprite, with icey breath. And he is able to aim this blow to create frost and blizzard winds.

In the movie, Jack Frost, while nipping noses and attempting, as he is invisible, to make merry with the people of January Junction, comes across a lovely young peseant girl named Elisa. Elisa's parents confont her and ask her to find a husband to settle down with. The conversation goes as follows:

Father: Daughter, why are you headed towards the gate?

Elisa: I'm going into the countrside. It's so beautiful with snow. Like a Christmas wonderland.

Mother: Christmas is a month away. There must be another reason.

Elisa: Maybe I just want to see Jack Frost's work before anyone spoils it.

Mother: You are so romantic, Elisa. Find yourself a good solid husband.

Elisa: I will, when my knight in golden armor comes along.

Father: Knight? Aren't you in love with anybody yet?

Elisa: Only Jack Frost.

Jack overheard the conversation and truly believed that Elisa was in love with him. He returns to the Kingdom of the Winter Clouds where he first consults Snip, the Snowflake Maker about wanting to become human. He then must plead his case to Father Winter himself. After a sorrowful song from Jack, Father Winter agrees to give him a winter of humanity and would allow him to remain so if the proper provisions were obtained before spring:

Father Winter: ...a house to shelter you, a horse to bare you, a bag of gold to sustain you, and a wife to make it all worth the while. Then, you will be truly human and may stay so with my blessing forever.

Jack returns to earth as a human, presenting nothing but a pair of scissors given to him by Snip. He meets up with Elisa and introduces himself as Jack Snip, the taylor. Elisa, enojying his clumsy first impression, invites him to stay with her and her family. Father Winter, concerned for Jack's safety, sends down Snip and Holly to keep him out of trouble.

After the trio is reunited at Elisa's house, the scene changes so we may get a proper introdutcion of the villain, Kubla Kraus {voice talents of Paul Frees}. Kubla is, perhaps, a Russian stereotype of the time who ruled January Junction with an "iron fist" and iron everything else for that matter. He proved to be a devastating obsstacle in Jack Frost's way, owning all the gold, the only horse, and all the businesses.

And a New obstacle comes to town! Sir Ravano {some summaries call him Sir Danny}, a "knight in golden armor" in the service of King Arthur come along to see Jack Snip, and is bedazzled by Elisa's beauty. Jack's jealousy, though silent is very obvious with the look on his face, the tone of his voice when he finally speaks, and how he acts towards Holly, who seemed amazed at the knight's good looks.

Another person gets in the way of Jack's relationship with Elisa, and that's Kubla Kraus...again. Everyone goes to the castle to save her. Sir Ravano saves Elisa, but is wounded, while Jack, Snip and Holly are captured. Kubla wants to make the town pay for his humiliation and threatens to send 1,000 "K-nights" to destor Junuary Junction. Jack gives up his humanity so that he could summon up a blizzard to keep the castle snow-bound, protecting the people he loved.

When Ground-hog day comes, Jack is forced to stop the blizzard but learns winter can continue if a groundhog is frightened by his shadow. So, Jack found Pardon-Me Pete {the one telling the story via the voice of Bob Hackett.} and became visible as a shadow and frightened him back into his hole and so continued to create the blizzard.

But, after six more weeks of winter, Father Winter "pulled the plug" and said no more winter. At noon, they would leave. Jack begged for humanity until then, as he was promised. It is then that Jack Frost/Jack Snip faces Kubla Kraus, also slipping out his secret that he was Jack Frost and not Jack Snip. He is able to defeat the 1,000 K-nights and Kubla, with help from Father Winter. In that instant, he became the richest man in January Junction and the new owner of the castle. He also got the only horse in January Junction. Only one thing remained, and he wanted Elisa to be his wife. This was the one thing he wanted more than anything else.

And lo the twist of fate! When Jack gets to town to ask for Elisa's hand in marriage, he finds that at noon, she will be wed to Sir Ravano! At the stroke of noon, Jack became his old elvish self again and left the spring bride with a "kiss" before heading back to the Kingdom of the Winter Clouds.

Frosty's Winter Wonderland

{ 1976 }

Do you remember the old cartoon Frosty the Snowman? How about that crappy sequel, Frosty Returns? This is the last Frosty cartoon in the series. The other movie had him stop-moitoned as a puppet. But this cartoon is one of my childhood favorites of all time. Jack Frost again is in his elvish form and observes the children playing with Frosty, the magical snowman. Only this time, Jack's voice is performed by Paul Frees. He is overcome by jealousy and tried to ruin their fun, even if for a moment. When Frosty meets Jack Frost, he is pleased to meet someone who he deems important. This gets the children interested. But, as Jack tried to make himself sound impressive, the children begin to "insul" him and ride off on Frosty. This makes Jack Frost the movie's villain.

Frosty shares that he is lonley when the children leave him at night. So, they get together to make him a snow-wife, whom he named Crystal. Meanwhile, Jack plots his revenge by deciding to steal the magic hat, so the children will have no choice but to focus on his pleasing traits. On his first attempt, he ends up with a horse's hat by accident but doesn't notice it until later on. In a rage, he comes back and stalk Frosty as he tries to bring Crystal to life.

Frosty succeeds in bringing Crystal to life only to have his own life taken by Jack Frost, who obtains the hat. BUT, love conquers all! Crystal is able to bring Frosty back to life without the hat. In a fit, Jack returns the hat but realizes his stupid mistake.

A wedding is coming! A snow-parson is made to wed the snowman and woman. Jack is enraged and blows up a blizzard to stop the wedding. Crystal notices him and tries to talk to him, but the blizzard winds are too loud. When he finally turns them off to hear, she tries to coax him. But Frosty, who knows no hate, comes out and asks for Jack to be the best man in the wedding. Jack is surprised but agrees and becomes a friend of the children again.

Winter seems to go on forever, thanks to Jack Frost. Parson Brown {the real parson} scolds Jack and the children and explains that spring has to come. Jack, Frosty and Crystal finally agree and head on a train going north, pretty much ending the movie.

Frosty and Rudolph's Christmas in July

{ 1979 }

Another stop-motion movir made with puppets. Jack Frost is only a guest near the end of the movie, so I won't go so in-depth with the summary. Basically, Frosty and Rudolph are tricked to go to the seashore for the Fourth of July performace in the circus. The villain, Winterbolt makes it possible for the snow-family {Frosty, his wife, Crystal, and their twin children, Nilly and Chilly} to attend the circus. After a long twisted group of plots, Winterbolt is destroyed and the tablets keeping the snowfamily cold were no more, therefore melting the snowfamily into the sand. Rudolph claims the only way to bring them back is a magic December wind. But where will they get a December wind in July?

Jack Frost! He is brought to the beach and is glad to help one-time foe and old friend, Frosty. So, his icey breath beings them all back. Jack also gets a free ride north so the snow-family doesn't melt on the way back. Yikes, I'd be out of breath taking so many deep inahles and exhales all the way to the North Pole.

Jack Frost

{ 1996 }

This is a different type of story. Jack Frost isn't an elf at all, but a convicted serial killer. Personally, it was one of the dumbest horror movies I had ever seen. It was so stupid, it had to be seen at least once and laughed at. Amusing to the point of rediculous.

Jack Frost is on his way to prison when the vehicle collides with another truck carrying genetic waste. This merges Jack's molecules with the snow. He then becomes a powerful snowman with revenge in mind. He plans to find the man that arrested him, Sam. After a lot of colorful and gory deaths, Frost and Samn meet. And, to make a long story short, Jack is defeated by being melted in a pool of anti-freeze. Sam then buries the remains.

Jack Frost II: Revenge of the Killer Mutant Snowman

{ 2000 }

I was amazed a movie so horrible would have a sequel. But, in favor of the movie, this one was better than the original. It was even more rediculous and very funny...but only stupid funny.

Jack is back! He's been mutated some more and is super powerful. Not even anti-freeze can stop him now! Sam and Jack are somehow connected, as Jack obtained some of Sam's blood in the last movie. And he follows Sam to the tropics where he plans to cause him terror.

After many odd deaths, the two meet again and an anti-freeze battle begins, but Jack Frost is immune and spits up little snowballs. They eventually hatch into his blood-thirsty children.

It seems they can't be stopped! But, Sam's wife finds hope. They discover that Jack and the snowballs have obtained Sam's banana allergy, which kills them. When all the snowballs are destroyed, Jack takes his revenge. But, a miraculous banana attack from Sam blows Jack up and the remains are "buried even deeper."

This pretty much ends that movie, aside from the Jack Frost/Godzilla thing duringthe credits.

Jack Frost

{ 1998 }

Okay, something more family friendly. Another Jack Frost movie where he's a snowman. This is the most popular one I've seen advertised. Michael Keaton plays Jack Frost, a musician and loving husband and father.

Jack is away often with his "gig" so he treasures every moment with his wife and son, Charlie. Before leaving for his last gig, Jack gave Charlie a "magic harmonica."

Jack: If you play matter where I am, I can hear it.

On Jack's way home, he meets an unfortunate end by sliding off a cliff. But what good is a movie if it ends there?

One year later, Charlie has to deal with being fatherless, being bullied, and pretty much any kid problems. He builds a snowman using his father's garments, making a seemingly close "sculpture" of him. That night, Charlie plays the harmonica for memoried, but he unknowlingly beings his father back to the snowman. Jack now has the opportunity to be more of a father to Charlie. A lot of events include a snowball fight and snow-boarding.

But, when the weather gets warm, Jack must be taken to a cabin in another area. There, his wife catches up, looking for Charlie. Jack finally reveals himself to her and it makes for a touching family-style ending.

Well, I hope this page was amusing and informative to you. It served two purposes. One was to share the research I had done on Jack Frost and the second was to share some interested titles incolving Jack Frost in some way, shape, or form. If you have any additional information or contributions you'd like, don't hesitate to leave a Messege on my board or e-mail me. I'd be glad to see what you have that I may have overlooked or would be nice to add here.

Please note that there is a banner for this page on my Bannerspage. Also, I have a drawing of Jack Frost on my Artworkpage.


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