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        Partida de Locos
                                                      a Dark Sun project
                                                                                          by Turmoil23Partida de Locos a Dark Sun Proyect by Turmoil23

                                                                                                  Since March 11th year 2000

Updated: June 10th year 2004


History of Athas

Faerum 2004
Magic Items
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2000 Party "the party that was..., for a while"

2001 Party "the party that never was"

Members of PDL

What`s new?

Dark Sun 3E is out !!! (although itīs an image less version)

Updated Links: All, some html issues
New Links: Hattrick.

What`s new? ARCHIVE

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Elysium: A closer look inside the mind of a Wizard

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