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This informal survey of published, translated materials explores ancient Central Asia and the 'Legendary' Kingdom of Shambhala….. Un-edited research notes and internet links on the History, Kingdoms, Deities, Cultures, Arts, Languages, Religions and Traditions.

The pre-history Solar Temple at Balkh, also known as 'Sams-i-Bala' ...... (Sams:Sun….Bala:Elevated) was located in the once wealthy and fertile Oxus River Civilization of Bactria and was encircled by the great Pamir and Caucasus Asia Mountains....Merv, Samarkand, and Bukhara were under the influence of Greater Khorasan…….With Tagzig to the west, Oddiyana to the east, Zhang-Zhung/Kinnaur/Kailas to the south-east, Gandharva/Kapisa/Zhunbil to the south, Airyana Vaeja to the north and Uighur/Khotan/Kashmir to the northeast, the legendary Bactria/Khorasan was an important ancient crossroads, the location of great pre-Zoroastrian Sun (Sams) Temples and important in the development of Sanskrit, Mahayana Buddhism, Sufism, Dzogchen, Tantra, Zoroastrianism, Bon, Manichaeanism, Elemental Shamanism, Mithraism, Shaivism, etc ...

Trungpa: "Shambhala is the Central Asian Kingdom... the basic idea of Shambhala vision is that a sane society developed out of that culture, and we are trying to emulate that vision…..Shambhala vision applies to people of any faith, not just people who believe in Buddhism… the Shambhala vision does not distinguish a Buddhist from a Catholic, a Protestant, a Jew, a Moslem, a Hindu. That’s why we call it the Shambhala kingdom. A kingdom should have lots of spiritual disciplines in it. That’s why we are here."...Chögyam Trungpa (Great Eastern Sun, The Wisdom of Shambhala, p 133).

…."In 624 AD, a Moslem invasion weakened the Kingdom of Śambhala"……..(The Blue Annals: Part 10 (Kalachakra)…Tibetan Historical Text completed in 1476 AD, written by Gö Lotsāwa Zhönnu Pel

"….870 A.D. marks the first time that the Kingdom of Shambhala actually came under Moslem domination…".... The Dharma Fellowship of His Holiness the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa

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