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Hi pplz. Dis payge has not
been updated been a long tyme huh?
yip yip ^_^ well look around
and dont forget 2 sign mai book aites
MUAH* lots of luv goin out to mai home boiz
and home girls and most
of all mai baby *MUAH* u kno who u r.

.:*K I E U I E*:.

Name- Kieuoanh
Nicks- Kim, Kieu, Oanh, Kieuie
Birthday- July 10, 198?
Location- Fort Worth, Texas
Music- · techno · hip hop · house · trance · dance · asian ·
skills - · staring · talking · laughing
hobbies - · Being lazy · spending family time · daydreamins ·
email -
aim sn - KieUiE , NgOt xUi GiuC
Ethnicity - ·Vietnamese and Chinese· =)

can u count them?.



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I lay among a bed of dreams,
In happiness or so it seems.
For it's been long since life began,
And my search goes on to faraway lands
What doesn't kill you makes you strong,
And strength grows wings to fly upon.
I fly on wings so white and pure,
For in my dreams I feel secure.
Lines of songs and verses in rhyme,
Will heal the wounds of bitter time.
No longer will I lie in blue
And put on a smile to hide the gloom.
Tender souls that slip from tears,
Can strengthen hope through many years.
And with new strength I'll rise above,
Heal my wounds and learn to love.