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Godess Keep (GK)

Forum Name: ^Godess Keep(GK)^

Forum Creator: Matt Jace Bearden

Number of Guilds in Forum: 2

Number of Princedoms in Forum: 1

Number of Blacksmith in Forum: 2

Number of Healers in Forum: 4

Total Number of Members: 15

Guilds: SGoR, SHoR.

Princedoms: Psyche.

Starting Dice: 4d20

Starting Expeirence Points: 200xps

Starting Gold: 500gp

SGoR: Guild Commander(GC)



Blacksmith: \|/

Healers: \|/ \|/ \|/ \|/

Non-Guild/Princedom Members: \|/ \|/

The Godess Keep Forum is copyright to Matt "Jace" Bearden.

2000 ShadowIce.

All rights reserved.

((If you would like to join this forum or any of its guilds, princedoms, and/or trades{example-Healer, Blacksmith, etc} email me telling me which you would like to do. If you would like to join one of these guilds/princedoms/trades listing which guild/princedom/trades email me at, thanks!!)





<~~Background Information on Godess Keep~~>

~Godess Keep is a forum devoted to playing a Rhy'din version of Melaine Rawn's Dragon Prince books. This website does in no way collect money. It is strictly for your role-playing pleasure. We claim no rights to use the name Godess Keep, the exact title that has been copyrighted is The Godess Keep Forum. The Godess Keep Forum is copyrighted to Matthew Jason Bearden.~

^name has been abbreviated for space purposes^


Sunrunner Guardians of Rhy'din(SGoR)
Sunrunner Healers of Rhy'din(SHoR)