Love test 99'
the most truthful test of all r u...
[Chain letter - edited ver. by T-chan]
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Love Test
This is a test to see who you are perfectly matched for!!! This test will help you figure out  who you may end up with if you follow the test correctly  and answer the questions truthfully!

This test is NOT made for those who don't take it seriously!!!!I t is made for those with open minds and truthful thought out thinking!!!!

(write down answers on separate sheet of paper for easy grading)

                                Good Luck!!!!!!!

Questions :

   1)Where do you prefer to go on a date?

       d)your couch

  2)What do you look for most in a guy/girl?


   3)What place do you think is more romantic for you and your b/f or g/f to  be together?

       d)your back yard

   4)What season do you think is more romantic?


 5)Which Zodeotic sign do you think you are better matched with?


6)When do you think on a first date is the perfect time to sneak in a kiss?

     a)When you look deep into each others eyes
     b)when your all alone
     c)right before you go home for the night
     d)when your in a busy place

  7)What has or does make you look forward to going to school?

     a)cuz there are not any test that day
     b)cuz your b/f or g/f is there
     c)cuz that someone special is gonna be there
     d)it is the last day of school

   8)Right now what is the one word to decribe the one you love or have a crush on?


  9)When you find out that you b/f or g/f is going to dump you what do you do?

      a)nothing(you say)if it is not ment to be then it is not ment to be
      b)try to patch things up
      c)beg for them to not dump you
      d)dump them before they have the chance to dump you

10)You recently found out you are moving to another state,but your crush won't be there what do you do?

    a)say to yourself there will be other cute guys
    b)tell your crush how you feel about him/her
    c)beg your parents to stay
    d)refuse to go and throw big scenes

                                NOW THE RESULTS!!!!!

Tally up how many A's,B's,C's,and D's you got.  See which one you had the most of.    If you had mostly .....

a's  - your love life will be a fairly good one with its share of ups and downs....your going to find one of your good friends becoming more then just  a friend

b's  - your love life is going to be great with mostly good things happening to it .....someone you admire does admire you so go ask them out! you will be  happy with the result!!!

c's - you have a little while to go before finding that perfect will find your self hooked up with a loser!!!!!

d's - you are too concerned about yourself and your b/f or g/f social  standings.This can lead to will find that you won't get  your GOOD match for a while!!!!

Author's note : so what did you get?  i got mostly d's and b's  [ b d b d c a c b d a ] hehehe.... u can believe it if u want to and u can ignore it if u choose to - it's ur freedom! u're free to choose! it's only a chain letter. by the way, if u have any chainletters, pls send them to me. i'm quite fond  it. i don't really believe in any of it, but it's amusing me:))), so if u have any or anybody sent it to you, before u delete it or i u send it to anybody else , pls include : for the original version, click here! it's completely unedited but it is the one i received via email!:)))