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erap jokes from the text messaging of globe cellphone:

1. crime convention at an international crime prevention meeting :

france : our police can respond to a crime scene in  5 mins.
usa : ours? 1 min.
uk : ours? 30 secs.
erap : small time!! our police are always at the  crime scene.

2. up diliman

erap calling up diliman.
erap : hello! is this diliman?
operator : no! this is padre faura.
erap : i'm sorry father.

3. y2k

question : how's your y2k conversion going on?
erap : it's crazy. i can't imagine i'm going to work from mondak to fridak, spend saturdak and sundak
with the kids. why do they have to convert y to k anyway?

4. choking

erap : doctor! doctor! i swallowed a bone!
doctor : are you choking?
erap : no! i'm serious!!!!

5. erap in school

classmate 1 : what is 5 + 4?
erap : eh di 9!
classmate 2 : what is 4 + 5?
erap : gagaguhin mo pa ako, eh, binaligtad mo lang di 6!

6. erap on phone

erap : this is an emergency ! my wife is preganant &  she's bleeding very badly.
operator : sir, is this her first child?
erap : gago! this is her husband!!!!

7. elevator

the mgr. : sir, you look very tired. you didn't use the elevator.
erap : the sign says "capacity of 10 persons." i'm  in a hurry, i can't wait for 9 more passenger.

8. pikon

 pikon na raw si erap sa mga text jokes tungkol sa  kanya.
 erap : kung hindi n'yo titigilan ang pag tetext   tungkol sa akin papaputol ko ang linya ng Globe... meralco!!


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