The Cherry Hill Tragedy
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I have a short story (true story) for you I've heard from a meeting regarding Cherry Hill Tragedy. Here's the story...

The family heard a rumbling sound coming from the upper portion of their home moving in very rapidly.  The father pulled at once his wife together with the younger daughter, the lola and the eldest sister running out of the house, running for their lives.  About 5 meters away from the house when they got inside the car , the wife looked back and she saw one of her daughter is still inside their house, looking at the window helplessly.

Everybody got hysterical at that time specially the mother of the child, while the father step on the accelerator to run out of the house.  The mother was crying out loud watching her helpless child while the car was departing.  2 seconds, abruptly, avalanche came, the house collapsed and everything was disastered...

While in delirium, the mother saw her daughter supposedly inside their house, but sitting beside her in silence. The mother was very shocked & confused how her child got into the car while she saw with her naked eye what had happened. She asked her child, "How did you get into the car?".

The child answered, "Mama brought me here".  "What?"  "Mama brought me hear".  "Who's mama, who is she?". "What does she looks like." "She has a shining body wearing blue with a long shiny hair." "How did you get into the car". "We flew out of the house and she put me into our car." The father while listening, pointing into a small statue of Mother Mary standing on the dashboard and asked the child, "Was she the one", the child stared at the statue and answered in sparkling eyes, "Yes she was..."

Amazing isn't it..



Help our parents, brothers, sisters and the people of the world Let us pray to the Mother of Perpetual Help.


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