Profile :  Who is the T?

Oki. Who is interested? :) I know I know, no one is. So eniweiz lemme start. My name is Trish (usually with a -ka but people mistake me for a Russian so I normally delete the syllable:P and I just turned 15 last feb. Yes I'm grumpy and I'm Aquarius, my element is wood? (or is it water?)  One of my habits is to watch my horoscope every morning before I go to school, another is annoying my classmates especially Benjong Bading (his real name is Alvin Joseph Veloso aand if you know him I'd bet you'd hate him as well), and some others are eating chocolates and ice creams and complaining about my chores (I can't help it!) both in school and at home. I'm now a senior and I'll be going to college (yehaaaaWWWWWW!!!) Okei, so here are some other stuffs I love  :


anime - large percent of my money goes to this one.
My fave series : Rurouni Kenshin, YYH, Fushigi Yuugi, You're Under Arrest, GSMikami, Akazukin Chacha, 3x3 Eyes, Evangelion, Vampire Princess, St. Tail, Gundam Wing, Burn-Up Excess etc.
Movies : Ninja Scroll, Ghost in The Shell, Tekken, Rurouni Kenshin, 3x3 Eyes, Ranma etc.

Favorite male characters :  Saitoh Hajime, Soujiro Seta,  Koenma Daio, Jubei Kibagami, Treize Khushrenada,   Karasu, Chang Wufei, Seravi, Chief Officer Tohkairin,  Sniper, Tamahome, Ryoga, Nuriko, Hotohori ,  Officer Shishino, Shiine

Favorite female characters :  Misao Makimachi, Reiko Mikami, Ling Ling, Kusanagi, Natsumi Tsujimoto, Kagero , Rei Ayanami, Kei, Miaka Yuugi, Michelle Chang, Yusuke's mother (what is her name?), Rally Vincent, Princess Miyu, Nabiki, Skuld & Urd, Dorothy, Fujiko :)), Ms. Maki, Fuuko Kirisawa

surfing the net - damn I spend so much of my allowance on sustaining this vice of mine. I just can't help it!

writing - less expensive though quite hard at times.  I write stories, poems, or simply essays.

drawing - Currently, I'm taking a drawing course though I'm still in high school and if given a chance, I'd like to pursue it in college or maybe even as a career - maybe design a PS game or an anime:)

eating - I love chocolates but I'm not romantic. I'm a pesco (??) vegetarian since Feb .1998 and I eat only vegetables and fish and egg and dairy products.

sleeping - I sleep a lot . I'm a sleepy head though I'm an insomniac and my eye bugs are getting bigger and bigger (hey! it's a fad in school! i won't have to wear eye liners! and man, it's natural and free and cheap!)

fooling around -  mainly, I still play. Playstation games, computer games whatever! I also like making fun of others *sigh* bad girl ne? especially boys who tend to pick on girls. Who said girls can't fly?

talking - as you may have already guessed, I'm talkative especially when you get to know me. I chat in chat rooms (#anime, #sex, #evangelion, many others),  ICQ (# 41547107), I tele-soak which means talking on *long* lengths of time on phone, e-mail bunch of people ( ::I enjoy receiving mails!:: and talk to my friends almost about everything:)

meeting people-  Honestly, I'm not so sociable, especially at first and when I know the people I'm introduced to has nothing in common with me, so they mistake me for a snob. But I'm not. I just don't talk when I'm not being talked to, unless you interest of some kind or I'm not plagued by my shyness:P

learning different stuffs - no this doesn't include cooking ::i'm a terrible cook:: but yes this includes :

languages - ::damn kanji is so hard!:: I took up Spanish some time ago and hopes to be able to watch my favorite Spanish drama in its original version someday.  In summer 98, I enrolled in Nihongo Gakko and became the youngest in class. But I aced eniweis and defeated them, except for 2 particular Chinese people who defeated me in kanji ::darn:: I'd like to learn more languages but maybe I'll pursue it in college ::maybe::

sports - I've been pretty much into different sports. I went to karate training about four years ago ::my sensei is so cute:: swimming training about dozen times. The last sport I took up was badminton where I got an ugly bruise , after table tennis and ice skating ::the hockey players are so cute by the way:: I'd like to be a hockey player someday though I trained hopelessly to be a figure skater # (

music. - I  tried guitars and drums and ended up sulking and now maybe try again  if I have the time.  *sob* On music, well, I'd really like to learn the violin if music'll be givin me a chance, but every time I'm eager about something, it's either I run out of teacher or don't have the equipment :(

gambling - hahaha...I just learned to play casino last summer, though it's illegal. Also, whenever I have the time and the trip, I go for bingo in the nearby bingo house after checking my horoscope for the day ^_- and bet and bet and bet but never won a cent!

messing up with my computer - nobody really taught me how-to's in computer and  I learned everything the hard way from changing desktop wallpaper to html-ing. So now, I consider my computer as one of my closest pets
watching tv - hehe..I watch all kinds of stuffs. I watch American sitcoms (I love Just Shoot Me) and dramas (Po5 and My-so-Called Life) , Mexican dramas:) and Japanese animation. Funny, I don't watch a single local stuff. They're annoyingly corny and full of nonsense.

reading  - I always try to read Japanese manga, but I succeed in reading *alone* so that I don't really understand what I read.  I like sci-fi books but now I'm reading Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy ::it's *very* long:: for my book report. I also like Greek mythology and my favorite goddess is Artemis. By the way, I prefer tragic stories than mushy happy ending stuffs

listening to music - I like all kinds of music. I collect anime soundtracks even though they are extremely *expensive*. I  listen to other stuffs that I don't understand like Spanish , Japanese and yes, even Swiss. I enjoy listening to Chinese instruments and I prefer black singers above all. (L. hill? Monica? Destiny's Child?) I also like Jennifer Lopez ::she's soo cool::

watching movies - (Will Smith is soo cute though I think his latest movie is corny) I try to go for a movie every now and then. I love Brad Renfro and Sean Connery and Kel Mitchell and despise L. Dicaprio (I love him once but he chose that stupid Winslet over me!) on females, I like Michelle Yeoh and J Lopez and Never Campbell.

taking care of animals - I have a new pet - a sheep which I named Nereid (Greek mythology = sea nymphs). I had a pet owl, Rugaraii , I take care of my neighbor's dog which I sometimes by mistake call with my brother's name, had about 9 turtles and a bird Greenwich (that's read as "Greenich" to you!)

Collecting stuffs - I collect caps (weird ones), stamps (the ever stagnant collection of mine), cds, vcds, posters, pins, key chains, different coins, fonts and screen savers (have anything to give me, por favor?), fanfics hotel keys and lots of other anime stuffs

Generating money - I'm pretty much like Tamahome and Reiko Mikami because I have many vices to support. I just don't want to sit around and wait for my mom to give me money. I'm not the type and I like earning my own money, in a clean straight way or even a crooked "somehow-still-legal" way:)

taking pictures - I like photography but I prefer taking photos myself than being photographed. Someday, I'd like to get serious to this one, but it costs a lot!

traveling - Yes, I love going to different places, but I haven't gone much -sad to say- these past few days. I'd like to go someday maybe to Egypt and Rome and other ancient places:D

shopping - though I don't have the money, I always enjoy going to malls. I love buying shoes -boots of all things - and buying things made of leather (hehehe...i love leather!)

My Htes :

hypocrites - I hate those who pretend and pretend but well, sometimes, I act like a hypocrite myself:)

getting stuck in a traffic jam - I think everybody hates this one. I mean, who enjoy sitting in the car waiting for who-knows-what.

liars ::I'm a third degree liar all right:: but I try not to lie that often nowadays.

our janitor's dog - damn, he's ferocious! (by the way, I also hate his master....)

arrogant bastards- yeah, like those "bad tough guys" who goes around as though they own the whole world. Like *some* people outthere.....

getting bored- of course, this is when you have nothing  to do and the wall won't even talk to you!

getting really dirty - I hate that feeling!

CAT - you don't know what a HELL this stupid military training is. You have to dress up right in the middle of the street, get yourself messy and get a dozen push ups simply for the wrong tying of your shoelace.

Benjong Bading and the like - no comment

snobs - who do they think they are , anyway?

getting up early - it means school, otherwise, it can be neat!

getting tardy (that includes tardy people:) - imagine  waiting for a person who's three hours and a day late...

CBA (character building activities) - I hate standing every morning under the sun!

a particular person in our school  - no comment

Math (okei sometimes I love it sometimes I hate it) - I *always* flunk

failing in the tests - of course,  I guess everybody hates failing, but I guess it's a part of life. How do you know when you succeed when you never fail?

computer (subject) - darn my comp teacher's always giving me a hard time!

taxes and subsidies/ interests - this makes things more expensive, especially in Mcdonald's where you have to pay an extra 10% for your fries:(

The following mentioned above are **not** all of her likes or dislikes. Unfortunately, there are too many things on earth and beyond which this crazy girl likes and dislikes to be enumerated, so to cut it short, she mainly wrote what was currently on her head....

My School Activities  As of 1998-1999 :

Mainly, I think I'm a pretty boring person. I don't like going out and would rather spend the rest of my day either just mesing with my comp , watching tv or  just sleeping. That's because I'm such a penny pinching spartan and so lazy I hate dressing up. But I do go out , quite often, but you can rarely see me in a non-homey clothes and with barely but a hundred bucks up my sleeves:))))))))  Currently I'm a member of the Science Club and the  Writer's Guild though I made it a big *POINT* not to join any of the two. I'm also the treasurer of the class [kane....okane...why can't I forget the kanji of that one?]  I have been member of the comelec (Commissions on Election) in school ever since the start of the politics in our institution began [there's more money in being the comelec than being the candidate]  and I hope to join the comelec this year  [yes again] <s> On other activities, well, my PE and Music teacher's urging me to join the badminton competition and also getting me to be the lead guitarist. Can you believe that? But, sad to say, neither is income-generating so why bother tiring myself? Besides, I don't like to make a fool out of myself:) I told them I can't play the guitar and I'm a poor badminton player!

On school subject, I like Social Studies and corruption of my country's politicians interests me. I also like English and prefers Calculus than Math, hates Geometry, likes Chem and Physics (somehow nowadays) and Economics and hates all other subjects. My most favorite subject is snack time because I eat a lot.

Also, I'm taking a military training , CAT, where I hold the lowest position *grumble* but I hope to be a sniper If I'd be given chance. I'd like to be given a chance to hold a gun and shoot on people I hate:)

So now maybe you know me better. Send me a mail and tell me anything you feel like telling me and how much I suck and how much everything sucks and all that. Trust me, I'll read your mails:) You can bitch me through my ICQ : 41547107 or through my email :

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