Palabra De Sabiduria
by : T-chan

1. Do not give more or less than what people expect. I mean duh! Kiss is just a kiss and not sex!

2. You don't have to memorize your favorite poem. Memorizing  comes from mind. You should nourish what comes from heart.

3. Believe what you want to believe. Sleep as long as you wanna sleep. Do all you want and live a fruitful life to the fullest.

4. You don't have to say “I love you”. It'll show even when you say nothing at all!

5. You don't have to look at the eyes of those people you are saying sorry to. It'll definitely show. Besides, what if your blind?

6. It matters not whether you are engaged or not; to be married or not. All that matters is the magic ^ ^

7. Love at first sight !?  But love is blind isn't it? (Baka LUST at first sight!)

8. Laugh when the feeling comes and the situation allows. It's the best medicine.

9. Don't just love deeply and passionately. Think deep and love passionate.

**10. To defeat the strong, you must be strong yourself. Likewise, to beat the devil you must be the devil yourself =)

11. Don't dare judge anybody.

12. Thinking requires no time limits.

13. When someone asks you a question you  don't wanna answer, be frank and be straight forward. Tell him how you feel and why you are refusing to answer his question.

14. Everything in life involves risks and size mattered not.

15. Why call your mom? Visit her!

16. Saying “bless you” when you hear someone sneeze is a show of belief in unchristian superstition.

17. When you lose, move on. Restart with new life and new hope.

18. Remember the three L’s : Liberty. Life. Love.

19. There ain’t no big or little disputes. Disputes are disputes and a friendship that can pass any disputes is a strong one.

20. What is done is done. Similarly a mistake is a mistake. There's nothing you can do to correct it (as SOME nitwits outthere puts it). The least thing you can do is admit it, face the consequences and do the rightful actions.

21. Smile, not only in picking up a phone, but always.

22. Marry man or a woman who talk less and do more. Actions speak louder than words.

23. You are never alone. God is always with you.

24. Accepting or refusing changes depends on your values.

25. Who said that there are answers only in silence? The truth is there are always answers, but we're always too busy to listen.

26. Choose the books you read and the tv  you watch. It's not in number. It's in worth.

27. Live a good life even when you're old. You don't have to look back to your good young life to be happy.  You can create one, even at old age.

28. Trust in God and get a cab. Not only do you save money from non-stop oil price hike, but also from paying parking fees. You also save energy.

29. Create a loving atmosphere, not only at home, but everywhere.

30. History  repeats itself, but commemorating the past can teach us something and may help in preventing for history to happen once again

31. Understand the theme and live the good message.

32. Sharing your knowledge to promote your own interest in gluttony for immortality is death.

33. Be gentle with kids and women.

34. Pray but keep working.

35. Flattery is always related with hypocrisy

36. Mind your own business.  But oftentimes, our neighbors are our business.

37. Trust which was based on how a person kisses is a lame thing to do.

38. You don't have to go anywhere else. A human mind is already a great place and there is always a new place there you haven't seen before.

39. You don't have to make a lot of money to give. In our little ways, we can give a little help for a great satisfaction.

40. Not getting what you want is a part of life, not luck.

41. Break all the rules but one from where all other rules emerge: love.

42. Love begets need , yet sometimes need begets love too.

43. Do not judge your success. Cherish it.

44. Don't believe in destiny. What did God give us our free will for?

45. Approach love and cooking naturally and honestly.


- Owari -
Palabra De Sabiduria (END)
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