Megumi Takani's reminder :

                NO HENTAI PLS !
                (no hentai here but over there...up there....)

Have something to say? Got nothing to do? Wanna be our pals? reach us! Don't Be "Boring"! Take it from us....ehhhh...from Angel most specially :)


I got it for free at

Querubin John Carlo F.
Militsala Teoann Elaine N.
Masiglat Lorenzo C.
Co Patrick Jan Ray N.
Veloso "Bading" Alvin Joseph
Aldea Edward "Ogie Daddy" ( Another of those biggest influence on that Pacaldo's life, I guess)
--Swex Angles ; inmates
    --Swex Angles ; inmates

*Any similar names of persons mentioned above are purely coincidental. All the folks listed in the "Resources" and Angel (in disguise) , are definitely extinct in this present civlization. Only Naito, the Administrator and Takani-san are alive and breathing while the rest have been long dead by Cupid's arrow stuck and buried in their damned little hearts. May all of them Rest in Peices.

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