Domain T - here you'll find fics of my own series, poems, non-anime stories and other literary works.

Note : Some fics may contain adult materials.  Please read responsibly and know your limits:)

 The Faces of a Mirror

(Kagamino Kao) five friends unfold a charm of mirror and two things happen : first, they obtain abilities to switch souls (yes, some kind of a GITS-thing)  then second, they were transported to the future to save it.

Title Type  No. of Parts Author
Kagaminokao   Series Acount 05 T-chan
Two Faces of a Dragon   Self Narration 01 T-chan
Niji   Self Narration 01 T-chan

The following here are my non-anime based works , mainly just inspired to write:-P
Title Type  No. of Parts Author
Illusions   Poem 01 T-chan
Freshman Child   Poem 01 T-chan
Lies   Poem 01 T-chan
Camellias   Yarn 01 T-chan
Farts   Humor 01 Iea G. and Checos
Revenge   Tragedy 01 T-chan
Text 202  Text Messages collected by Angel
Edge_of_the_Rusty_Sword   Self-narration 01 T-chan

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