sanosuke sagara
a note from the author
 regarding report 56043

katana gari cho's note on shadow animals, writen from the security block cell no. 14, was the last i received before i lost contact with both him and the prisoner on cell 11, sanosuke sagara. as is often the case, i was called away to precide and take notes at a case in nagoya and when i managed to return cell 11 was empty and katana gari cho had fallen inexplicably silent. hajime saito would not tell me anything more about them, and i was forced to put an end to this report. it was... a sad thing. i'm afraid i was enjoying myself a bit too much. nevertheless, this is goodbye. thank you for the sake.

if you'd like to reach me, don't stop by the house at tokyo. it's kind of abandoned by now. but leave a message with sakura yamatori, she'll make sure i get it.

@September-October, 1998 Team Bonet. Rurouni Kenshin is @1994 Nobuhiro Watsuki and Shonen Jump. This story owes a debt of gratitude --if stories can even do that-- to the much maligned and misunderstood last episodes of Evengelion (@1995 Gainax Studio) and to the work of Japanese director Kazuhiko Kunihara. Thank you for reading. I know the story's a bit pointless... Ma, thanks for all the fishes, as She 100.3 fm DJ Shark might say.

- Owari -
Report 56043 (END)
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