"I will send you to Paradise!"
- Reiko Mikami ; GhostSweeper Mikami

"Am I a bother?"
- Belldandy ; Aa Megami-sama

- Kenshin Himura ;  Rurouni Kenshin

"Naked woman.....naked woman...naked woman!"
- Tadao Yokushima ; GhostSweeper Mikami

"Retrace....and spin the thread of memory
Even if a thousand men forget the beauty
that you once were
you and I mustn't let it leave our hearts.
Cast of your withered body...
and be reborn!
You who were once a beauty
your Master has now returned"

- Belldandy ; Aa megami-sama

"Sessha wa rurouni "
- Kenshin Himura ;  Rurouni Kenshin

"I am the God of Death"
- Duo Maxwell ; Gundam W

"When they kick you, you kick them back!"
- Natsumi Tsujimoto ; Taiho Shichauzo

"You don't know how it felt...not to be told goodbye at all."
- Megumi Takani ; Rurouni Kenshin

"I can feel luck swirling around you."
- Belldandy ; Aa megami-sama

"Give in to your destiny."
- Jine Udo ; Aa Megami-sama

"Don't call me -chan!"
- Yahiko Myojin ; Rurouni Kenshin

"Everything is mine - people, earth, light - even the vacuum of space!"
- Treize Khushrenada ; Gundam W

"Stop the bloodshed!"
- Kenshin Himura ; Rurouni Kenshin

"War is dirty...making people understand this is, in a way, a friendly act..."
- Milliard Peacecraft; Gundam W

"I will turn this era into my plaything!"
- Shishio Makoto ; Rurouni Kenshin

"Your boobs are drooping low. Aren't they getting in the way?"
- Reiko Mikami ; GhostSweeper Mikami

"Just when we had time for the two of us alone!"
- Morisato Keichi ; Aa Megami-sama

"I'm the Cupid of Love."
- Urd ; Aa Megami-sama

"I'm starving!"
- Fusuke ; Ninku

"I want you a new partner!"
- Yuri ; Dirty Pair

"Don't bomb tomorrow what you can bomb today!"
- Kei ; Dirty Pair

"Women, you see, are searching for something stimulating. First, you touch her body there by the ocean. At night, that's right..be a man, ok? When the two of you are all alone hold her tight like this, then go all the way!"
- Urd ; Aa Megami-sama

"I'm so ashamed of myself."
- Miaka Yuugi ; Fushigi Yuugi

"You idiot!"
- Natsumi Tsujimoto ; Taiho Shichauzo

"Money makes the world go round!"
- Tamahome ; Fushigi Yuugi

"I'm so beautiful I scare myself."
- Hotohori ; Fushigi Yuugi

- Erika ; Daimos

"Belldandy.......longing for me?"
- Morisato Keichi ; Aa Megami-sama

"All strangers look alike."
- Jubei Kabigami ; Ninja Scroll

- Richard ; Daimos

"I killed your father."
- Erika ; Daimos

"If your love for Richard is as deep as you say , you must keep no secrets from him."
-Rowina ; Daimos

"Let's volt in!"
- Voltes V

"I hate those who think so little of their own worth."
- Jubei Kabigami ; Ninja Scroll

"You disgust me."
- Yurimaru ; Ninja Scroll

"If you mind...I'll tell Gemma in bed."
- scar-faced woman ; Ninja Scroll

"Your sight is your weakness."
- blind man ; Ninja Scroll

"Okaeri Nasai, Megumi-san."
-Kanryu Takeda ; Rurouni Kenshin

"When you fight the devil you have to be a devil yourself!"
- Dakuon ; Ninja Scroll

"Holly up!"
- Chacha ; Akazukin Chacha

- Kazuma Kuwabara ; Yuyu Hakusho

"What a fine mess the Earth has gotten itself into."
- Piccolo ; Dragon Ball Z

"You're gonna eat him!!"
- Kuririn ; Dragon Ball Z

- Yahiko Myojin; Rurouni Kenshin

"I..I don't have any power..."
- Gohan ; Dragon Ball Z

"Try hard."
- Dakuon ; Ninja Scroll

"A slasher will always be slasher."
- Jine Udo ; Rurouni Kenshin

"So no i sha ga u ra de Ka n ri yu to kun de i ta no yo"
- Megumi Takani ; Rurouni Kenshin

"You horny idiot!"
- Reiko Mikami ; GhostSweeper Mikami

"So ko ma de ni shi to ke...."
- Aoshi Shinomori ; Rurouni Kenshin

"Miss Mikami!"
- Tadao Yokushima ; GhostSweeper Mikami

- Hiei ; Yuyu Hakusho

"Wai....... Riiya kawai!!!"
- Chacha ; Akazukin Chacha

"I..can't believe this people."
- Okinu-chan ; GhostSweeper Mikami

"You're thinking of the wrong things at the wrong time."
- Karasu ; Yuyu Hakusho

"A ninja......for hire?"
- Kagero ; Ninja Scroll

"Mystical powers combined with love........"
- Chacha ; Akazukin Chacha

- Riiya ;  Akazukin Chacha

"And hope!"
- Shiine ;  Akazukin Chacha

"I need no one."
- Kagero ; Ninja Scroll

"I'm hungry."
-Aicho ; Ninku

The stuffs above there are the exact stuffs I heard...yeah..and retained in my poor memory, though I also got some from cards.Also, I had translated some so maybe...it's not that exact, but I tried my best to make it as precise and accurate as possible.  Eniwi, if any of you know more stuff for the AniQuotes (yes...I accept corrections for mistakes) -  please send them to me @ tchan@tokyo-3.com