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Aaaah! Alas I'm free! I just took an entrance exam yesterday and more than anything I wish I'd pass! Well, eniwiez, now that I'm free again, I have more time to update my site....


U tta e ra re ta ku na i na ra , ha ji me ni ko to wa tte o ku. Ore no fanfics ni wa a da ru to mo no ha na i. Ta da , remone-do (lemon!) na ra a ru. Sore kara nani ga aruka tte? Jya a , Ayanami to Baton ni tu i te do u o mo u? Hehehe...wa ta shi ha ku ro su o- ba- ga su ki na no yo.....ano hu ta ri ha o ni a i da ze. Na ni wa to mo a re , ni ta mo no tte to ko da ro u yo. Ti ga u ka?*

Remember to read my disclaimers and legal info because I don't want to get sued. My fanfics do not really have adult stuffs, but I do have mild lemonades. And what else? Oh, what do you think about Ayanami and Barton? Hehehe...I like crossovers, you see... I think they'd be a good pair. After all, they almost have similar personalities. What do you think?**

Thank you very very much to my dear friend, Chika-san for helping me in my Japanese. (see above:-)))

You're the            to experience this HOTness:)

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 My Guardian Aya:)
Have any chibi? Pls. donate them to me! I collect chibis!

Soon to come  (I really hope to come) :

    - ICQPLUS anime themes (made my magokoro o kimini:)
    - Local News (For ppl of IJMCP LC branch only..pede na rin ang Quezon Hi:))
    - anime list (of anime I have seen)
    - Freedom Page ^^
    - Fans List
    - Puzzles :)

Check you daily horoscope here! If you're an aquarian, come and see your luck today by clicking directly here. (Sorry, guys....I'm biased:)

I decided to divide HOT into three main domains namely H, O&T, coz otherwise, this page may take too long to load. Also, unlike the previous HOT,  the fics here are not all mine. After my computer crashed and I lost all those great fics, I decided to gather all those precious fanfics I consider masterpieces and put them online so that I can never lose them again AND at the same time,  share them to the world. So, I asked permission from those great talented authors - great writers , indeed - if I could post their works here, and thank God, they did accept my plead. Any comments on their works, should, therefore, be directed to them and not me.  Oh, and one more thing. Before you proceed, please please please *again* read my legal info which contains my disclaimers and all sorts. I don't want to get sued, ok?

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Contact List - how  to contact you my favorite fanfic writers who are amiable enough to let me post up their works in my humble HOT ( yes, hut:).

Personal Profile - Something about yours truly :-)~~~~ what I am really (no, I'm not Just A Girl in the World but yes I can be total bitch:)))  , what I like and what I hate and what I'm like in person and all those stuffs and where else you can find me wasting my youth.

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Sorry, but that's allfolks! Any suggestion, comments,(yes, spellings, I know:) whatsoever, (yeah..mailbomb me for the Barton-Ayanami love team!)  please mail me @ : or leave me a message in my icq: 41547107


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