Domain T - here you'll find fics of my own series, poems, non-anime stories and other literary works.

Note : Some fics may contain adult materials.  Please read responsibly and know your limits:)

 The Faces of a Mirror

(Kagamino Kao) five friends unfold a charm of mirror and two things happen : first, they obtain abilities to switch souls (yes, some kind of a GITS-thing)  then second, they were transported to the future to save it.

Title Type  No. of Parts Author
Kagaminokao   Series Acount 07 *unfinished* T-chan
Two Faces of a Dragon   Self Narration 01 T-chan
Niji   Self Narration 01 T-chan

 Hearts Of Jacks

Cali and Nyasha,  the magnificent creations of the famous Dr. B., a hybrids with a very close bond that surpassed that of sisters an best friends. However, as they grew up, things changed, and Cali had her heart only for one man and this incident obviously had stunning effects on the two hybrids. To add to that, a wealthy fisherman , Marcus Duncan, arrives to spoil their lives by abducting their master, Dr. B. in his quest to execute his revenge on the son of his late arch rival, with the help of his brilliant secretary from where another mystery revolves. And from then on, so many things  come their way which could turn best friends to bitter rivals and worst enemies to trusted allies. Unless of course they could overcome what circumstances bring, their life will never be the same. As a hybrid, as a human, or as a lover.

Title Type  No. of Parts Author
 Hearts Of Jacks   Series  22 T-chan


The following here are my non-anime based works , mainly just inspired to write:-P

Title Type  No. of Parts Author
Illusions   Poem 01 T-chan
Freshman Child   Poem 01 T-chan
Lies   Poem 01 T-chan
Camellias   Yarn 01 T-chan
Farts   Humor 01 Iea G. and Checos
Revenge   Tragedy 01 T-chan
Edge_of_the_Rusty_Sword   Self-narration 01 T-chan

Title Type  No. of Parts Author
WInnelyn (Sweet)    Instructions 01 (45 tips) K. Marx C. Prenada
 Palabra De Sabiduria   Instructions (Contradictions) 01 (45 tips) T-chan
  Tally   45 vs. Palabra 01 K. Marx C. P. & T-chan

*Frankly, I don't like that Marx guy, who's a desperate lover of my friend, Angel . I don't know why, he never did anything to me. He's just annoying and pathetic so I contradicted his work:))) Please feel free to express your views about these 45 tips - his or mine.  I know some in my 45 words of wisdom ain't true, but who cares? I just hate having to listen to Marx say something like he knows life any better than I do! He's playing know-it-all and it annoys me:)

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