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In the future, robots, cyborgs and mechs rule the world. Humanity is able to attain longer life, if not immortality through fortification of human body with steel. In the midst of all these, a bright young man,  Takamiya Kotaro, expert in robotics, still claims that the natural human body reigns supreme. However, he is abducted by the Empire, whose values are opposed to his. They plan to use his extreme intelligence for their own purposes.  But they are not going to get away. The brother of Kotaro, younger vigorous Takamiya Teppei,  trained by a former warrior of the Empire , Hasuren, summons all his strength as he journeys to save his brother from the clutches of the evil Empire.

Title No. of Parts Author
Carrie: Say Goodbye        01 Arcina
To Hear the Song of Angels        01 Arcina
Defiance        01 Arcina
The Eye of Dawn        01 Arcina
The Phoenix        01 Arcina
Regrets        01 Arcina
Summer Heat        01 Arcina



September 13, 2000 - date which marks a sharp turn in the civilization of mankind arising from a   massive meteorite falling from the outer space and landing in the Antarctic Ocean, bringing about many global disasters : heavy floooding due to the quick melting of Polar Ice Caps destroying many cities with its flood, hunger and diseases plaguing people along with various weather calamities and armed conflicts, killing a million of the population. 15 years later, 2015 AD, peace is reestablished. Human race begins to recover from the catastrophe that has occurred. A special secret agency is formed under the United Nations called NERV, that is meant to lessen the possibilities of the occurrence of another Second Impact. They build their secret base at The  Geofront which is under the fortress city Tokyo-3 . And their enemy? A mysterious gigantic forms called as Angels, known as the messengers of God, which eliminate humans and can adapt various forms. Their warriors? 14 year olds Ikari Shinji,Ayanami Rei and Langley Asuka are pilots of EVA, fighting to save the world from the mysterous  Angels.

Title No. of Parts Author
At the End of the World        13 Luna Ayanami
Untitled        01 Vice

Yuyu Hakusho

Yuyu Hakusho revolves around the story of a 14 year old boy, Urameshi Yusuke (a.k.a "Eugene") whose life greatly changed after being hit in saving a boy. Reikai (Spirit World) then employs him and he works for Koenma, my beloved, the son of Enma Daiou, the God of Death. Through this, he makes friends with various people, three most important of whom are Kuwabara, Kurama and Hiei, the two latter being from the Netherworld. Urameshi's kind of employment brings about many other feats , mostly which deals with underworld creatures, but he had his friends to count on to. The story becomes more twisted as they learn more and more things and encounter rivals or friends that contribute to the romance, tears , action and laughter in the series.  Later on, Urameshi finds out that he's got demon blood running in his veins and he is no other than the son of Raizen, the God of War and he must fight in the name of his father.

Title No. of Parts Author
Dreams       05 Siew Lee
Entwined  Destinies       01 Siew Lee
For the Love of Her        01 Arcina
Lost in Love       03 Siew Lee
Love of Her       01 Arcina
Memories       11 Siew Lee
Not Quite Friends       01 Siew Lee
Regret       01 Siew Lee
Solitaire       02 Arcina
The Final Gift        01 Arcina
The First and the Last       01 Siew Lee
The Loss of Another       01 Arcina
Thorns and Lilies Ver. 2       11 T-chan
To Ride the Winds of Change       01 Arcina
Wine       01 Pan
Without You       01 Arcina
Vengeance       17 Siew Lee

3x3 Eyes

Pai is a 300 year old 3-eyed Sanjiyan whose only wish is to become human. With Yakumo, her Wu, they go to different places to find the Ningen Sculpture that can transform her into a human being. However, followers of the evil Kaiyan Wang hinder them and try to keep the sculpture for themselves in order to revive the late Kaiyan Wang. With two contrasting personalities, Pai and Yakumo, with new friends like Ling ling and Meishin, try to accomplish what they set for in Hong Kong. Until another Wu, Venares, appears, they are doomed to fail. But soon, Pai moves as the innocent girl she is, along with the dormant Sanjiyan within her, in the name of her love for her friends.

Title Type  No. of Parts Author
The Ningen Sculpture  Flashback Yarn        01 T-chan

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