Simone  Angeles -
Natta Lee was a bright girl, artistic and music loving. She has light brown mane and blue green eyes. She was Naja's friend. She could be greedy, mean and stingy sometimes and may leave  a friend when he's in trouble, but she also has a good side = a bright thinker with a good philosophy in life. Unlike Naja, Lee can control her temper and expresses her feelings in art -by music, sculpture or drawing. She can play almost all sorts of instruments and also athletic. She was the only girl in the St. Benedictine College Football Team. Normally, she prefers to go out with older men.

Simone was Iori Jr.'s lover. She had gone out to pursue him, but Iori refused her and for no clear reason, chose Katja Gonzales over her. Like Naja, she was disheartened, but sooner or later began to go out with other guys (older guys) from Southern End. Her latest lover was a clergy in training from Southern End, older than her for a couple of years.

Erik Lee d' Arc -
He is the 17 year old ruling monarch of Ceylon. Ruthless and assertive, he won't stop unless he gets what he wants. Iori Jr. considers him 'friend' but actually, Iori is irritated at the young prince. Erik is the only descendant of the d'Arcs, and apparently, also one of the most notorious. He has sweet tongues and is an notable swinger. Simone Angeles is his faithful lover, but actually, he has his heart for Danielle Katayama .

D'Arcs are the rulers of Ceylon ever since. Erik's ancestors were popular rulers for their compassionate heart to the poor. Erik, however, did not inherit the family's good side and instead, grew up harsh and exploiting. This is because he is raised by the evenly infamous general Rin Lopez.

Erik is currently ruling, despite the f act that he is still a minor because the former monarchs, Emperor Philip and Empress Erika Lee, died of plane crash just several weeks ago. Erik appear saddened at first, but eventually, he enjoys the result that it brought about - ruling Ceylon. Iori Sr. Dimitri, who is already close to the Emperor and the Empress, decides to do the same to the younger prince for bribery.

Jan Ashman - He is 16-year old guy with a mane that usually goes in different bright colors - green, red, pink, blue. His eyes were not of any different either - he loved to wear contaclenses and had about him tattoos everywhere. Because of his weird fashion tastes, he was also proclaimed as a delinquent in school.

He was most of the time happy, laughing, drinking and smoking in the streets with a mouth as foul as a drainage. Whenever he wants something, he uses his fist to get it and would not stop even when his fists are already bleeding. In short, aggressive and stubborn. But actually, he used this to cover up his frustrations. He was an innocent young lad with an optimistic point of view in life, and equally romantic. He is also curious and he won't stop unless his curiosity is unsatisfied. But to rebel against his family, he got into gangs, began smoking and drinking. But his most favorite past time was no other than womanizing, having such sweet tongues to fool women. Identity crises was another reason of Jan's behavior. The Ceylon policies filled him with despair, but luckily, he met Mariko and was enliven. Although he considers himself 'complicate', he does not mind letting out his real self for Mariko and worships the ground Mariko walks on.

Lorenzo Iori Dimitri Jr. -
Iori Jr. was the 18 year old son of the wealthy Lorenzo Iori Dimitri Sr., owner of the Milky Way Enterprises. He was obnoxious, more often than not, loved to boast, and used to have everything his own way. He could be seen often as egoistic, self centered, selfish and arrogant , and uses the combined forces of his talents and wealth to make the person he hates miserable.  Deep down, however, he was just an ordinary teen boy with a good heart, but his being 'ordinary' was concealed behind that family pride, so he was taught to feel superior than other people.

Iori Jr. was the oldest son and expected heir of Iori Sr., a conceited fat man in his forties and currently being the most corrupt of the businessmen in Ceylon. Iori seemed to be  born  to make everybody's life miserable - from the maids, to drivers, to classmates. It was his way of being 'sophisticated' and only his father seemed pleased with that contemptuous behavior. Tom, unfortunately, also became one of his victims and used his organized power to make him miserable. Nonetheless, they become friends and Iori Jr.'s good side finally comes out. he used to be hooked up with tender Danielle Katayama, but later on, he was infatuated by the 21 year old Katja Gonzales.

Lorenzo Iori Dimitri Sr. -  
Iori Sr. is Iori Jr.'s  egoistic father. He has trained Iori Jr. to become just like him and follow his footsteps in the corrupt world of business and profits. He is known to be one of the richest and most powerful man in Ceylon - as well as the most corrupt . He's into many dirty businesses, but currently, his largest business is Milky Way ,Inc., which he is determined to hand down to Iori.

Iori Sr. is the descendant of the wealthy Dimitris. In the Dimitri clan, they are taught of Dimitrian,  their own family language and terminology. Iori Sr. is determined to let everybody know he's  'the top' and 'superior' to other people and will do anything to prove it. Three things , as taught to him , is vital for man : wealth, power, and fame. He wanted to be the founder of everything profitable. As a  result, he has become corrupt and greedy businessman.

Background :
The Dimitri ancestors are actually poor and was oppressed. But as time goes on, through one way or another (which are often dirty) , the Dimitris became rich. As a revenge to their oppression, they began oppression of the poor themselves and had everybody who knew of their terrible past killed. Iori Sr. went on with this legacy, but refused to tell Iori Jr. of their family's shameful past.  His favorite story is 'King Midas and the golden touch' and King Midas is  his idol.

Thomas Gabriel  - 
He considers Riko as his closest friend. Usually, he's happy and easy go lucky, care free, and had a "it's God's Holy will" attitude and not caring for whatever in the world. He is sometimes childlike with weird ideas and may sometimes act dumbly. But inside, he was caring and kind and may do everything to save a friend. Since he hated having to mess his hands and tire himself,  he prefers to be separated from the world , not participate in anything as much as possible and make as little decision. He used to believe in 'fatalism' -  fate will do everything for him. However, because of the people he cared for, this attitude eventually changes and he began to take the course of his life.

He is a 16 year old young lad with black hair and purple eyes, son of a criminal and a nun. His father  , Greg Raymundo, was accused of several crimes , tried, then later, sent to jail but escaped. Greg is a friend of Rin Lopez, then a warrior-priest and Rin helped the former escape in exchange for his son. Greg, fearing for his life, agreed.  On the other hand, his mother, Severiana Rutilianus,  who quit the nunnery ,innocent of her husband's deal , was suspected of being a heretic after being excommunicated. Later , she is burned under the order of general Rin Lopez. This left young Tom with no one and with the Imperial Army after him. The Imperial Army, wanting Tom very badly , offered great rewards to the one who could give them the child, claiming they want  to want to "train" him as a militarist.  It is until kind Kazukiyo Gabriel, a farmer of Ceylon, adapted him and raised Tom like his own child. Although Kazukiyo did not really know the military's plans for the kid, he knew it is something  wicked.  Mikael Raymundo , Tom's real name was changed to Thomas Gabriel during their adaptation. Tom was not aware of his past that Kazukiyo had hidden from him.  The orphan Mikael Rutilianus Raymundo, which  the Imperial wanted so direly, vanished in the history of Ceylon and is believed to be dead.

Katja Gonzales -
Katja Gonzales is Lorenzo Iori Dimitri Jr.'s lover. He is persuasive and later, she got Iori Jr. in her fingers. But really, Iori is not that interested in her and uses only as her past time. Katja has realized this, but did not care. She is a 21 year old girl with intentions of her own, although academically ignorant. She was stubborn and dumb when it comes to school and had a very low IQ (that's why she hates school). Later, Iori falls madly in love with her. Nobody can be sure of what her real intentions are or even if .

The Church has suspected her of heresy and prostitution, but because she is with the Dimitris (Iori Sr. really disapproved of her), the Church could not oppose Katja Gonzales without opposing the younger Dimitri. They are, however, able to temporarily excommunicate her  when she is not yet Iori's lover.  Katja's parents are wealthy, but not really as wealthy as the Dimitris. They have left for Southern End to work and left Katja at the care of her relatives. Without enough supervision, Katja became really ambitious and sooner, she takes steps one by one to reach her ambition. She makes friends with Naja Tachikawa and Simone Angeles. And through Naja, she becomes acquainted with Tom de la Gabriel and Frederiko Jacob Stanford. She is a swinger herself and gets involves with men of different age group.
  Pamela Green
She is a 28 year old lady, working as a volunteer worker for the church project. She is amiable, bright, a wild sense of humor  but most of the time, arrogant and self glorifying. She is very smart when it comes to arithmetic and science, and had many academic achievements. Because of these, she has become a braggart. She and Mael Hiyama became good friends, despite their age difference, since Pamela has her own childish side.
Pamela Green is the only daughter of the Green couple, having six sons. The Greens are prestigious in the military world  and Pamela is considered as a black ship for being a girl , and therefore, can not be in the military.  Although Pamela is a smart lady, her family really do not appreciate her strengths , for what they want is for their family to be known in the world of military where their ancestors had  been glorified for, and not science or arithmetic. Because of that, Pamela angrily decided to leave South End for Ceylon to look for the people who will accept her for what she is and to let her family know she can stand alone. She had stayed with the Ricci family for a while and got to know Luke Ricci. Before Luke quit the church, he introduced her to the  Ceylon church. At first, she decided to join the church when she has not yet found a job. But as time goes on, she becomes attached to her job that she resolved to remain there.

Maria Elena "Mael" Hiyama -
She was a kind 17 year old girl who was still in her childhood years. She's into video games and collects all sorts of stuff . Naturally she's, hardworking, straightforward ,bright and has a wide knowledge in science and arithmetic. Her vice,  however, leads her into all sorts of trouble and fights that a girl her age should not be involved in. Most of her friend are younger than she is by two to five years. Tom , Riko and Naja also became his friends despite the fact that the three can barely play. She is also one of the very few people who can talk sense out of Iori Jr. and appreciate Iori and his hidden good side. She is the only one Iori can really trust and Iori considers 'friend'.

Mael Hiyama is the  youngest daughter of Cleo Hiyama. The older Hiyamas had all died, including Mael's parents, except for Uncle Hiyama who is a veteran and the only one who takes care of Mael. Mael's older siblings have all disappeared after finishing their studies in Ceylon and left Mael and her uncle. They have never come back.

Danielle Katayama
She is a 17 year old friend of Riko and develops an intimate relationship with him. She is kind, meek, modest, but pessimistic. Normally, it is Riko she runs to whenever she has problems. She considers every problem hard and acts like it is the end of the world. She belongs to an equally wealthy family, but , unlike Iori,  she's kind and humble. Her life was full of sadness, until she met Riko, who gave her hope.

Background :
Gabrielle is  the daughter of the rich merchant of Ceylon, and her family was a friend of the Dimitris. Before Iori Jr. got infatuated by Katja Gonzales, he used to be very interested in her, but Danielle already has her heart set for Riko. Because of this, Iori condemned Riko and treats him like a an arch rival. The Frosts, however, approves of Iori.

Lu Ying Katayama
She is the mother of Danielle Katayama. She is amiable, understanding, but sometimes, a big bitch , childish ,annoying and irresponsible. Attractive, she can usually get men to follow her wherever she goes. She is envious and easily gets jealous of the littlest things. She can be fanciful and romantic.


Lu Ying is the wife of the wealthy Katayama. However, nobody can be certain if Lu Ying has a real love for the wealthy Katayama, because she is only forced by her family to marry the man. Her husband is younger than her by a couple of years, but they, judging from the way they look, are happy together.
  Rin Lopez
General Rin is Erik's adviser and teacher . Before, he is just a warrior priest, but later on, he becomes the general of the Imperial Army, but still performs his duty as a priest. He is an  scary old looking man with pointed chin, but actually, he is only in his thirties. He is friend of the Dimitris, and as corrupt. Strict and austere, his sole advise for Erik is  "be perfect" and be every inch "worthy of the throne". Although he is often rigid,  Erik like him.

Rin Lopez is the brains of  50 % of assassinations going on in Ceylon, which includes the former monarchs. His motives are basically good - to stabilize Ceylon.  But because of his fighting attitude, he will do everything  strengthen Ceylon - and   that included assassinations and many dirty businesses. He uses his organized influential power for his affairs. and befriends people only to use them for his own benefit.

Megumi Nielsen -

Megumi Nielsen is the former lover of Tom. She is, like Iori, a braggart ,insolent and a snob and judges people by the way they look. She is artistic, a bright student but with a poor luck of men.

She is a close friend of Danielle Katayama. At first, she is Tom de la Gabriel lover. With the help of Riko, she got acquainted with Tom.  Tom refused her. After sometime, she realized that she had no chance to get Tom, so she decided to stop. But right after that, she saw the handsome Erik Lee d'Arc and immediately falls in love with him.

Allan Poriskova -
Allan is the son of  Duke of Ceylon - and also a distant relative of Erik. He develops friendship with Mariko Ricci and Jan Ashman. He is hooked up with Naja Tachikawa and abhors Tom de la Gabriel "for stealing" Naja away. Hence, he considers Tom as a mortal enemy even when the latter has not made any moves toward Naja.

Background :
Like Mariko Ricci, Allan Poriskova is new in town. He came from the southern part of Ceylon, the Southern End but during Philip-Erik Lee accident, he is sent to Ceylon to study. He and Erik are close and became even closer when Allan transferred to the city. During his stay, he made friends with Mariko Ricci and Jan Ashman whom he met in the streets. He, then, begins to be fond of Mariko. Jan, on the other hand, becomes his rival and Jan begins to talk behind his back.

Mariko Ricci -Tres
She was a 'soloist  ' or one that doesn't seem to have any friend. Naja became his friend, but apparently, they could not get along with each other because of Mariko's  extremely wild side . She got to know many dirty businesses to support her vices and still managed to pass her schooling without having anybody suspect of her outside affairs. She is frank,  brave, clever, and had a good fashion sense and usually prefers to go alone. She managed to catch Kim's interests.

She is a 17 year old girl, abused by her foster family. Nonetheless, she remains standing and still refuse to listen to what her foster parents dictate. She has two foster siblings : An and Mark, both of which condemns her and treats her badly. Although she knew she can easily beat her foster family, she declines to harm them because  as she says : 'they are not worth sinning for.' Instead, she engaged herself in businesses her family is not aware of. She is a good pretender and an expert liar and is not afraid of doing what she wants. She is a good dresser and can usually be seen in leather skirt and jackets. Mariko is new in town, but she has learned the city like the palm of her hand.  Despite her father's constant beating, she scarcely learn a lesson. Because of her father, she has become a sexist and looks down at men with much pity and disgust.  She loves to gamble.

Luke Ricci
He used to work as a volunteer for the church, but afterwards, quit it.. He is the abusive father of Mariko Ricci. He loves to drink all sorts of alcoholic beverages and knows each of them by heart. At first, whenever he runs out of drink, he beats Mariko. However, much later on, he still beats Mariko even for no reason.

Luke Ricci is the dipsomaniac . This started ever since he was a child, being also beaten by his real parents. He craved very much for the time when he himself could oppress instead of being the oppress. When his wife bore kids, he attempted to beat them. But his wife furiously refused, and so they adapted Mariko instead. Luke Ricci was also beaten by his wife several times. His wife is an athlete and a master in aikido. The grief of his misfortunes in women along with his miserable past, especially in his wife, drove Luke to drinking. Sooner or later , he became inseparable with a bottle of wine.

Frederiko Jacob Stanford -
Frederiko Jacob Stanford , aka Riko is Tom de la Gabriel closest friend. He is a brilliant student of St. Benedictine College, being the oldest of five siblings. He was cunning, smart, and a kind 17 year old lad with slick golden hair and sky blue eyes and girls usually fall for him. He's understanding and compassionate and usually the one who talks sense out of Tom. Riko , however, was apprehensive, lacked self confidence and had a wild sense of humor and , sometimes, when the moon is full, he can be seen as wacko.

Background :
Marko  Stanford and Zandra Jacob are Riko's parents who are usually austere and strict when it comes to their children, most especially to him. As a result, Riko is a bit awkward , timid and shy. Despite his parents' overly tight discipline, Riko managed to bloom out with the help of Tom, who usually takes Riko with him whenever possible, bringing Riko in trouble
Riko's family is from the middle class, his mother and father are both scientists , usually too busy to supervise Riko's affair. To be safe, they secure tight disciplines in their children.

Naja Tachikawa -
Naja was another person which Tom considers as 'close' although he had refused to admit it. She was a sweet girl with red locks and dark blue eyes and usually the one who helps Riko in helping Tom. She was sensitive, jealous, fiery tempered, gentle and kind. She is basically a pain in the ass, for her parents and for her teachers. She usually goes around in cargo jeans. 

Naja used to be Allan Poriskova's lover. Allan was nearly drawn, but when he caught Naja with Tom, he changed his mind and accused Naja of being a two-timer. Although Tom is not interested in any girls in St. Benedictine, Allan never came back to Naja's arms. THis brought sadness for Naja, but later on ,she realized what a big jerk Allan is and so her sadness vanished.



Louis Woo -
Loel is also a friend of Tom and Riko. He is like ably good natured , humble, and has his own weird side. He is sometimes overly superstitious and panicky. He is equally bright and smart. However, he has a terribly strong imagination, and sometimes,  he chooses to live his own world and live the reality behind. He loves to escape from his trouble and problems and even school.

Background :
Jean Erik Rodriguez is 18 year old son of a pilot and a stewardess. He is the middle child of the seven children. Usually, he is 'left out' and 'out of place' even in his own house because his parents frequently fail to notice him whenever they are around (which is once in a full moon). This made him to be really imaginative and he dreams of a world where he can fit in. He develops good friendship with Tom and shares his imagination with him. He is also, like Mariko Ricci de la  , a 'soloist' , but unlike her, he is mild and can be really caring. He considers himself as a 'pariah'.

Andrea Yeghiazceryan - Rayjen
Andrea is another lover of the young Iori Dimitri Jr. at only 15 years of age. Iori uses her several times, but Andrea does not really care for her love of Iori. She can be sweet and generous, but sometimes, overly conservative, stupid and dumb, fainthearted and allows other people to push her around. She is also meek and courtly.


Andrea came from the Southern end and has only stayed in Ceylon for quite a while. She is the daughter of ammo dealer. She first met Iori Jr. during a church service and isn't drawn. But later on, when Iori came to visit their ammo shop, she falls in love with him and let him buy the ammos in low prices without asking for certificates. In other words, illegal. THe next time, she gave them all for free. Iori realzies her weakness and takes advantage of her.













Sakura Gabriel -she is the adopted cousin of  Tom, a niece of Kazukiyo Gabriel. Tom wants her for Riko, but she declines.

Ismael SummerIsle - he is Danielle Katayama's first love. He also fell in love with her.

Samuel Oehshlager- Mariko's lover; leader of the


Military - Ni sen (gakkou) Merchant Guilds (Ryoshin)
Church -sensei


Gregory Merchant - the old man

Ceylon -  240x

Mankind was subdivided on their own planets, ruled by their respective rulers.

Ceylon, a military power by the Estern Galaxy, was in chaos. The ruling monarchs Emperor Philip and Empress Erika Lee, had died two months ago of a plane crash , leaving their son Erik Lee d'Arc, 17 year old  minor for the throne. However, a number of mighty forces threaten the throne - the military, the church, Rin Lopez, the Merchant guilds, Milky way Enterprises .  not to mention the Southern End aggression and attempted invasion of Ceylon, plus the Black Death, a deathly plague that was cutting through the lives of majority of the masses. Mysterious deaths occurred, and crimes increases and politic corrupt even more. Only the strong will survive. Despite all these, Thomas Gabriel, a 16 year old young lad, let's the world go by . Having been expelled from Lakambini, an organization composed of the 'strongest', he had his old friends to count on to. However, his friend Riko, caught the plague and the only known cure was said to be those 'were strong'. Different people from the different sectors that rule Ceylon approach the youths, especially Gabriel, offering the cure in exchange for their services. Thomas Gabriel, desperate to help his dying friend, was faced with a decision that might change his life.

What would you do if you were  a16 year old boy considered  a delinquent and outcast, with everything to lose  and jobless?


Great, I thought to myself with much dismay. The gang leader, Samuel Oehschlaeger was crossing his arms over his chest arrogantly, eyeing an old man with much interest.  Sam was 19 with gray eyes and black hair, 170 cm tall and weighed 60 kg. He was the owner of a big sturdy figure, powerful arms, and a terribly little intelligence. I just know it. i  could read his mind, and I knew what  pitiful idea is forming. But I disliked it anyway.

"See that nitwit, people?" he asked us.

"Yeah?" Jean Ashman answered uncertainly. He absolutely had no clue of what Sam was thinking. He was as young as I was - 16. But despite all that, we were given good attention by our gang leader.

"What about him?" I asked innocently, even though I already know the answer I'll get. It was 11:30 pm and the city was unusually quiet, probably because of the new edict released which prohibited people to stay late outside. I wonder what the politicians get something of that?  We stood bobbing around in one corner in the 15 th Street Sam liked to hang around and waited as our leader racked his brain for chores to order our latest member  for their initiation. Our organization is called as Lakambini. Despite its name, girls were absolutely not allowed. But even if girls were allowed, I doubt girls would like to join it. Lakambini members looked kind of creepy to me. I know so. I look at the mirror whenever I can and get scared.

"Duh? Can't you see?" Sam rolled his gray eyes. He was wearing a sleeveless leather top that exposed his tattooed arms, leather boots and leather mittens. He had this thing for leather . But unfortunately, I don't think chicks appreciate leather at place like Ceylon where the sun is burning hot. That's why I never heard any girl falling for Sam, even when he claimed so.

"Of course we can. But so?" Jean queried , getting more and more confused  by the minute. The other guys remained silent, especially those  tender foot who were about to go through the eye of a needle pleasing Sam for their initiation.

"Will the two of you just shut up? If neither of you can understand what the hell I'm talking about, then you better just shut up, ok?" turning to amateurs, he pasted a friendly smile which did not a fooled me a bit.

"I want you nitwits to kill him right this minute," Sam went on to the trio who was staring  back at him with that dog look. They must have looked like a dog if they had tales wagging and their tongues hanging.

Great, I mused. What I had anticipated was on his wee mind was right. The old man Sam was referring to was having a hard time crossing the street, walking toward the corner where we were. Sam grinned, baring his  white teeth.

"Do it to prove your loyalty," he commanded in his bossy voice.  The three boys nodded obediently. although their usual dog-look was replaced by that nervous one. I wonder why people listen to him when all he had was a big body and the brain of a cockroach.

"Wait a minute," I halted them.

Sam turned to me, an irritated expression on his face. "What again, nitwit?"

I had the urge to hit him. How did her ever got the nerve to call people like that when he himself seemed to be the only one fit for that name? But I stopped myself anyway. Fights were boring. Besides, you scarcely get anything out of it and the last thing I want was to waste my energy and my time beating a pinhead like Sam. "I don't think that's necessary." I though I saw the three guys heaved out a sigh, a pleading look on their eyes pointing at me.

Sam balled his fists. "Not necessary, eh?" He gave me bewildered look, but realized he was wasting the opportunity as the old man  sauntered closer and closer. He waved his hand at the trio, urging them to do their job without leaving his eyes off me. "Are you saying my idea stinks?"

I could feel many eyes boring at me, including that of Jean Ashman's. I just crossed my arms casually, in spite of that venomous look painted on his face. "No," I muttered. I knew I was supposed to be getting scared now, but I guess I was just too bored to get scared. Moreover, I'm sick of pretending to be scared of Sam. Sam never succeeded in scaring me. I winced. Why in the world am I pretending to be scared of him anyway? Why the bloody hell did I ever join this stupid organization? "I think it sucks," I told him frankly.

That aroused Sam's anger. "What did you say?" he roared furiously. Having been answered back that way in front of his subordinates was a mortal sin. He was greatly offended. Meanwhile, the amateurs were walking to the man, slightly trembling.

Jean placed a hand on my shoulder. "Hey, maybe he means it's much better if we just - uh - have a drink?" he suggested, even when he knew I didn't drink. Drinking was boring and you never get anything out of it. But Jean loved to drink anyway.

"You stay out of this, nitwit!" he bellowed at Jean. Jean was the only person I consider a 'close to' in that group. I felt sorry I had sam shout at him like that for defending me. Withdrawing his hand, Jean stepped back. I could see the three waiting for the poor man, preparing themselves. Annoyed, I pushed Sam out of the way and ran to the trio. Getting hold of the nape of their slickers, I grabbed two and threw them aside. The other one had spun, shaking.

"Look, I ain't gonna hurt you. Just -" my statement was cut off as I realized he was not staring at me, but behind me. Sam was behind , pointing an ice pick at me.  The man was walking , safe and sound. Immediately, Sam barked out orders for the other members to watch out for the old man who was already passing right in front of us. Quickly, I seized the opportunity and ran in front of the man. Sam, who lunged after me, accidentally knocked his ice pick at the amateur's chest who was standing right before me. Sam comprehended what had happened, cursing under his breath. I just stood there, my arms out stretched to bar the other members who were driving closer. Pulling the ice pick from the dying amateur, he threw me a diabolical look. I didn't react.

"Out of the way, people!" the old man howled at me, holding on to his staff for support. I gave him a dry look. People were always too busy to appreciate what you were doing for them. Didn't he know somebody had already died just fighting for his life? Besides, why refer to me as people? I was alone. I craned my eyes at him. His eyes were open, but it was apparent he couldn't see. Roaming his staff to the ground, it reached my shoes. "I said out of the way, people!" By then, I understood his situation.

Just then, as the members surrounded me, some group of knights arrived in their horses. They were marching in the city, inspecting if the people were following the forsaken edict. Upon seeing us, they prepare their weapons to drive us off. The group disbanded instantly. I ran along with them, leaving the old man grumpily clinging on to his staff. They would surely not suspect that man of murder. He was too weak to stand.


Although I didn't not say anything, or neither did Sam, it was understood that I was completely expelled from Lakambini. From that day on, I began living alone. The knights had found the amateur's body and began investigating of the incident. The poor tender foot had died abruptly, even before the knights had the chance to question him about his murderer, he was gone. Sam was nowhere to be seen, not even in his favorite corner by the 15th Street . Maybe because of the incident, or maybe I just didn't like seeing them that I didn't notice them. I racked my brains of why I did such a thing for a crabby man. I guess I sort of regretted it. Perhaps because somebody died? The knights, however, were still unsuccessful in finding for the suspect. The trained soldiers utterly had not the slightest clue of who could have done something as that, which were actually just done by some kids.

I went to Riko's place some days after the murder. I found him in his room, fiddling with his video cam. I came in through his balcony. Doors were not really so keen for me. Riko was my classmate at the St. Benedictine College. Hard to believe, but according to him, I have been absent for 22 days. I wonder if they'll kick me out?

"G'evening, " he greeted me without looking up. He sat on his bed, toying with the cam. He didn't have to look up to know it was me. I guess I was the only one who scarcely use their door for entrance.

I lied down on his bed, crossing my arms beneath my head wordlessly. Riko's room was dimly lit, with a blue and green wallpaper. It was not that big, but it was neat  except for one desk  displaying some of his scattered books with its chair pulled out ruining the view .  But in most of the room, everything was  in order. Riko was always in order. It's kind of annoying sometimes.

"What's up?" he asked me.  He shifted his gaze at me, looking up. Riko  had yellow hair and that blue eyes which sort of looked like the sky during a sunny day.

"Nothing," I mumbled.

"Oh yeah? You've been out for quite while. Something's must be up." His attention was back to the foolish cam.

I contemplated for some time whether i tell him about the incident. Before I could even start, he began again, throwing at my face a newspaper.  The first page of El Diario was something about the Milky Way Enterprises, throwing a grand celebration for the anniversary of the Dimitri couple. "Since when have you been so interested in this absurd thing?" I asked him, hoping my sarcasm was audible enough.

He ignored my comment. "Turn to page six."

I leafed through the pages and scanned at the page.   Monarch's death : Accident ? Aliens Coming.  Black Death - Spreading and Spreading. Ceylon needs South End's Help?!  Lorenzo Iori Dimitri Sr. invites  Rin Lopez. Murder in the 15th Street. Weather Today. "Yeah?" Nothing really interested my in the news in page six. In fact, nothing interested me in the  whole paper at all. I threw it on aside.
"You know anything about the murder?"
I shrugged. "Yeah. Sort of."
"Yeah? You read the paper today?"
"How come....?"  Stopping, he sent me a meaningful gaze.
"Shoot! I just do, ok?" I contemplated for while if I should tell him or not. From that time on, i understood the quotation, 'A little learning is a dangerous thing.' I could always feel someone watching me, for being  the sole witness out of the group. I wonder what they had in mind for me? If I share what I know with Riko, then Riko's life will be at risk too.
"Oh, yeah?" Evidently, he did not bite into it. He switched back his attention to the cam on his hands. "According to the paper, the knights managed to acquire only one witness, an old man actually ," he narrated absently, even when I did not bother to ask.
He looked up again. "Yeah." Nodding, his face reflected a combination of something puzzled and cynical. He studied me for a while. "You know something, don't you?"
I shut my eyes. I heard him slam the cam to the bed irritably. "Don't you know any other word than yeah?" he snapped at me.
"Dammit, Gabriel! Say something!" I heard him took the paper noisily, and began reading loudly.
"Another mysterious death of a teen lad , Marcus Gieri, found at the 15th Street, took place yesterday. The murder is another flawless crime with not the bit evidence that may lead the investigators for the suspect and no apparent reasons behind it. Gregory Merchant, 87, from  Ashtonville, is the only witness to the crime and claimed that. ...." I winced. whatever that followed on, I didn't hear. I just got a little surprised. That old man was blind. How could  possibly he be a witness? Whatever that was going on, the government was turning it all for their advantage. The murder became a good reason for the edict to be obeyed, and this was used to cover up for the knight's incompetence. The Ceylon government was getting more and more corrupt these days, I have to admit. From time on, the knights could not produce anybody susceptible enough, so they accused the old Gregory Merchant of the crime. Poor Merchant.


"You blew it!" Miya screamed at Yusuke with much dismay.

"So what?" Yusuke winced.

The girl fumed, crossed her arms over her chest and stomped her feet irritably. "You blew it, Urameshi! How could you? You embarrassed me right in front of Mr. Sakaguchi!"

Yusuke scratched his head. Things were not really turning to be fun with that cousin of Keiko. I shouldn't have overestimated her definitions of fun, he mused sarcasticall to himself. It was 8:00 pm and they were walking to the sidewalk beside humoungous malls that lined up the side of the streets, only some kilometers from Sakaguchi Entertainment Co. Building. Miya, who was on a pink and yellow dress was furiously fuming to herself, her arms crossed snobbily right before her chest. Yusuke scratched his head again.

The last time he went out with Kieko, she seemed excited and happy, clutching Yusuke by his arm. 'I'd introduce you to my itoko, Yusuke-kun! You'll like her, I hope!' And then came a young lass in a blue and pink dress, with cheery blue green eyes and green hair. 'Konnichiwa!' she greeted. Before Yusuke could even respond, she added, 'Hajime mashite. Watashi wa Kawamoto Miya.  Douzo yoroshiku,' and bowed to him politely. And then again, he was going to introduce himself as a payment for her  so called courtesy that she cut in again, 'O-genki desuka?' like they had been friends for a long time now. And, another mistake, Yusuke attempted to open his mouth again, but even before he had managed to do so, she bared a happy grin, 'Genki desu. Arigato!' Yusuke almost strangled her, but grabbed the opportunity to say something. 'I'm Urameshi Yusu-' She laughed, taking Yusuke's hand. ' Ah ah! Do itashimashite! Do itashimashite! Do itashimashite, Urameshi!!!' then, with Yukimura Keiko on one side and Kawamoto Miya on the other, they headed for the Yukimura's ramen shop. Yusuke scratched his head the first time there. He had seen Keiko gay, but not that agigated. He tried hard to be as gleeful as Keiko was. After all, if she's happy, then he's happy. Well, he's supposed to be happy, isn't he? Guh. He just watched wordlessly as the two girls giggled like they just saw a man walk naked across the street. Then, that girl Miya invited him to come to her party as her partner. He would have refused, but Kieko was furiously looking at him, rapping her feet on the floor noisily , both her hands on waist and her  brown eyes said something like , 'Do it, Yusuke, or else..........' And , like an dutiful son, he obeyed his so-called girlfriend who just seemed to have given him away like a piece of garbage to that Kawamoto. Keiko and Miya must be really close , he reflected silently. Keiko usually gets jealous just seeing another girl talking to him.. but now...seemed like Keiko's really generous to lend me to her cousin! And so , they went to what Miya claimed as a party. Instead, some folks evidently  some ten years older welcomed them, one distintive man bald. Before  he knew it, Miya was acting as his manager, by that time already negotiating Yusuke with movie company of Mr. Sakaguchi. Keiko was nowhere in sight, so he voiced out his refusal freely. A cloud of disappointment came to Miya's pretty face, then later on, replaced by annoyance. And sooner than that, Miya was shouting at Yusuke, nagging, complaining and sobbing at the same time.

"How could you, Urameshi? How could you ?" her brows trembled and Yusuke was afraid shew as going to cry. He was going to try to comfort her, or at least hush her, before the poeple around them would notice them. Her expresion suddenly changed from close to tears to irritation, which halted Yusuke from his notion of comforting her. She seemed angrier than sadder.

"Gee, Miya! Just snap out of it!" Yusuke snapped at her. "I'm no actor. I'm telling you! You better be happy I didn't take it or I'd putting you in much greater embarrassment."

Turning around , the girl stopped in her paces and gave Yusuke that expression of disbelief. "So are you saying I should thank you?" She threw her arms out in the air. "I can't believe Keiko's going out with someone like him! This guy I'm beside to is nothing but a complete jerk! I better warn my itoko!!"

He clutched at Miya before she could walk further. "Hey, Kawamoto! You said something about party, not about selling me or something!" he defended himself

Yusuke sighed. So much for having fun.

Just then, two figure came into sight. Two very familiar figure that formed a grin in Yusuke's face. Maybe things were not as worse as he had estimated. Kurama and Hiei were strolling by the sidewalk   The sight of Hiei stopped him. No, not really holding hands or something intimate. . Neither seemed in a hurry and Kurama was stopping  here and there to stare at something from the glass window while Hiei was patiently waiting  Boy! What the heck is Hiei doing in here by the malls of  Ningenkai? For one thing, Hiei was not on his usual rag clothes and was wearing a black shirt , blue jacket and faded jeans. They couldn't be........ Yusuke shook the thought out of his head. It could never be!

"Hey, Minamino! Hiei! Over here!" he shouted at the two. Both spun their heads to him. Kurama seemed to redden, and Hiei was grumbling curses under his breath. Miya stopped to look at Yusuke, the to the people he was shouting at. immediately, her aquamarine  eyes widened gleefully.

"You know him, Urameshi?" she asked him excitedly. Yusuke raised a brow at her. Miya seemed to have lost all her griefs suddenly.

"Yeah?" he answered uncertainly. No one could ever be sure of what idea might come in to that Kawamoto' s head.
She clapped her hands and almost hugged Yusuke. "Marvelous! Introduce me to that red-hair! "

Looking dumbfounded, Yusuke just went to Kurama and Hiei. "Uh, sure. No problem."

"Great!" She followed Yusuke to where the other two were. Yusuke wasn't finished introducing her yet, when she interrupted again, just as she did when Keiko was introducing her to him. After some minutes, Miya sneaked an arm around Kurama's. "Will you be my date tonight? I really need to attned this  party ....."

Yusuke patted Kurama's back." Aw, let's go, Hiei. let's leave the two of them together."  Kurama was looking dumbfounded. Hiei was fuming this time as he pulled away from Yusuke's clutching hand.


"Let me go! " a girl screamed at the four men who has stormed right in her way .

"Sorry baby, but you have to die!" the man who was holding her shot up. He was a thin man with a long pointed chin and a mustache that didn't seem to have tasted shave for the past three years. He smirked at her as he clutched the chest of her uniform and slapped her against the wall.

Ayeka rolled her silver eyes. She couldn't believe it. It was 8 pm in the evening and she was heading back to her house when these four men suddenly blocked her way.  "What do you want from me?" she asked, despite the fact that the men seemed too barbaric to answer.

The three men behind the thin man just sneered apathetically. They were holding metal pipes and ice picks to threaten her. She smirked. Nothing like that could threaten her.

"Here," one man patted the thin man's shoulder, handing him a small pocket knife that glittered agianst the moon. Ayeka retained her smirk. The thin man aimed  the knife at her with his left hand as the right hand held Ayeka.

"Before I die, mr., I just want to tell you to pick somebody your own size," Ayeka gumbled at him. The man's happy grin faded , replaced by one that shows annoyanca and anger.

"I'm really losing my patience with you girl!" He slapped her body against the wall again. Ayeka fought the pain. She knew how their mind worked, although she really had no idea why they were attacking her.

"Hey! Why don't you guys pick somebody your own size?" a voice cut in. THe thin man lost his hold on Ayeka as he veered his head to different directions , searching for the source of the  voice . Ayeka fell on the ground with a loud thud. The three men behind him readied their pipes.

A shadow appeared from Ayeka's left. There was a bright light behind him, so that only his silhoutte was visible. The men strained their eyes.

"Oh, you mean your size?" the thin man snapped hotly, although it was apparent he himself couldn't estimate the real size of the figure.

Ayeka rolled her eyes. All she wanted was to go home and eat and go to sleep. She was not really interested in having any fights or whatever. Poeple were always grabbing the opportunity to play hero and make a grand scene. That was what iritated her most. "Get lost, buddy. I can handle myself."

The figure laughed, a laugh which made the birds from the posts fly off. "Hey, girl, I'm not doing this for you. I just hate it when men join forces to tack some helpless woman --"

Ayeka punched the ground in annoyance. "I'm not some helpless woman, get it? "

"Would you just shaddap?" the thin man hissed at Ayeka. One of the three  had handed the pipe to the thin man, and the man stoke at Ayeka with it. It hit Ayeka by her stomach and the pain sent her rolling on the ground.

"Oh, damn people! You don't have to do that!" the figure went on.

A smile formed in the thin man's ugly face. "Come here or I'll kill her." And with his threat, he knelt down at Ayeka and took the girl's green locks and pointed a sharp knife by her neck.

Ayeka laughed sarcastically. "Oh, don't come nearer, baka! He'll kill me anyway!"

But even before either side could make a move, the thin man's grip on Ayeka loosened, his eyes wide, then he fell forward, face first. The three men looked at it, then ran.

"Oh, damn, Hiei! You don't have to take the scene from me, or do you?" the guy complained to no one in particular. But his companion was gone as swiftly as he had arrived. He went forward to the girl who was already gathering her efforts to stand up. Yusuke went over to help her, but she refused his help.

"I can handle myself , hot shot,"  she informed him icily. She had to go home. Her ojisan was waiting for her. He must be really  worried by now, she reflected.
"Let me-"
"I said I don't need any of your help!" the girl insisted.
"Gosh! Could you at least lower your ego ?"

The girl fumed, but walked off.

Laying my feet in the waters of  Sanzu
threads of current with realization touch
the feeble seat*,  weakness of mine
veiled with  throe and agony
I couldn't stand , nor could I move
for before that  feeble seat
truth comes out
along with the pain and misery
forever I'll be suffering, forever I'll be blue
And from then on, as I see
I comprehend, I understand,
Surviving with that seat
is hopeless
I sat down in the waters of Sanzu
strands of conviction touch
this feeble seat, the sorrow of mine
vanish will all my agony
I begin to stand, begin to fight
 that feeble seat away was cast
everything for me is changing
the birth of my happiness
 forever I'll be standing, forever I will fight

And from then on, as I know
I Swore, I pledge
I was going to be
the strongest

 As I swam through the river Sanzu
arrival of flag of spring touch
treasure of earth with belle divulge
of whatever replaced the seat, this strength of mine
victory replaced my agony
waves I fought, tides I battle
powerful I was without the forsaken seat
glory and fame
all bow before me
foever I'll be laughing, foerver I'll be winning

But from then on, as I lived
I saw, I learn
living without the seat
is hopeless

I walked back to the bank of Sanzu
ropes of questions touch
this mind , innocent and obstinate
began to understand
that as the seat is my weakness
mother of distressing sack
it is as well as my strength
mother of the prime
 for without the seat
barriers form
from the joy of the world
forever, I'll belimping,  forever I'll be blind

And from then on, as I wonder
I resolve , I determine
to regain the seat so that I' ll be
the  storngest

Sooner than that as I see
emptiness filled
of whatever that replaced the seat
of which I thought was as hard as steel
to my horror, yet, the shields began to melt


sooner than that, I realize
the feeble seat is gone
I was bold and I was strong