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This section is created mainly because the administrator doesn't like to get her poor self getting sued. Also, she'd like to extend gratitude to those authors who permitted her to post up their works here. (Thank you very very much!!!!!) Other than that are all legal infos you visitors should at least take a little time to read.

The administrator has not the least intention to claim any of the anime here. All anime mentioned are not by any means a property of the administrator or any writers whose works are included in this page. Standard disclaimers apply to all anime.

The characters of fics in these anime are used without permission for the purpose of entertainment and amusement only. The works of fiction are not meant for sale or profit or gain for any parties related to this page.

Original portion of the fiction included here is considered to be the sole property and copyrighted to the author. Authors given due credits by the administrator herself and any form of error regarding this should be forwarded to her.

All stories and characters, as the name "fic" suggests, are purely fictional and any similar incidents and/or people, dead or alive, are considered coincidence.

No animals and plants were harmed during the creation of the said fics (as far as the administrator knows and she's concerned) and she believes in a society with compassion (Republic act 8485 - cruelty to animals is a crime!).

  HOT owns proprietorship over the logos, graphics, and all the pages here unless otherwise noted.  Reproduction , distribution, copying or any form of illegal dispersion of  any of the administator's property, may it be as a whole or as a section, without her permission, is strictly prohibited.  Usage of her logos and images without her approval are also prohibited. However, the right to grant permission doesn't solely reside on the administrator herself, but also to the respective writers of the works you would like to use.

  A contact list has been provided so readers may be able to reach the author. PLEASE do NOT send any mail to the administrator about anything that doesn't concern her work. Send your comments, priases, criticisms or your curses or whatsoever to the author of the work.

  Some fanfics may contain extreme violence and/or sexual themese that are not suited for young audiences. Please read responsibly and know your limits. However, there are warnings included, so don't go cursing the administrator later on.

  Anybody who'd like to have their work posted up here in this page are welcome. Interested parties should mail the administrator of his nickname, email and the creators of the anime (i.e. Studio Perriot) in any case the said anime are not yet on the list.

  Linking to this site is free, no permission needed (Can't say no to publicity!) though it'll be nice to hear from you people around.

If ever interested site owners feel like promoting their sites or have a fairly good reason that could pass the administrator's standards to be in her links (don't worry...she can't afford to be that picky....:), then why not? E-mail her or message her thru her UIN.  Include your e-mail address, site, URL and the name of your site.

Yuyu Hakusho belongs to Yoshihiro Togashi, Shounen Jump, Studio Perriot.

Vampire princess  belongs to Narumi Kakinouchi and other respective owners.

Rurouni Kenshin is a © Nobuhiro Watsuki, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Shueisha,Jump Comics and Fuji TV.

All rights and privileges to Fushigi Yuugi and all characters are created by Watase Yuu and are Flower Comics Bandai Visual, Shogakukan Shojo Comic TV Tokyo Yomiko Advertising Inc. and Studio Pierrot and Movic.

Shinseiki Evangelion belongs to Gainax and other respective owners.

Bt'X © Masami Kurumada / Kadokawa Shoten / Tokyo Movie Shinsha. All rights reserved.

All rights and privileges to Shin Kidousenki Gundam Wing are trademarks and property of Sunrise, Bandai, Sotsu Agency, and associated parties.

Akazukin Chacha is a Ayahana Min.  Copyright © by Shueisha & Television Tokyo.

Sazan Eyes (3x3 Eyes) 3x3 Eyes is copyright © 1987-97 Yuzo Takada/Kodansha - Bandai Visual - King Records Dark Horse Comics.

Some other stuffs which are not from anime are entirely mine unless of course, I say it isn't. No form of profit will be gained from this, so please don't sue, specially to the creators of those anime here. I am only a mere fan of your marvelous works so please don't take this as something bad and offensive. To those authors who granted me permission to post up their fanfics, I thank you all. I'm just a lowly fanficker, so please with sugar on top, don't sue me. You can not get anything from me anyway. For any errors, please tell me so thru my mail : 

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