Did I ever tell you ppl that one of my ever favorite hobbies is SELECTING and COLLECTING MEN? may they be flesh and blood real or daydream fantasy, I enjoy my hobby much as I would talking to my dog. Shure, shure....they can be crazy , they can be really irrational and more of the "senti" type or even mouthier than women...but that's what makes them colorful..(and sometimez even annoying). Let's just say men are like ice creams...yes they maybe all ice creams but you'd know they differ when you taste them...or they are like chocolates...only (unlike the real thing) they get mad when you try to taste other chocolates. They are also like fruits (geez! who said that?!)

They are plump, chunky and delicious at their peak!

But whatever they are, I don't see any specific rule that says women should stick to only  ONE kind of fruit or ice cream or chocolate. I mean DUH !?! The more the merrier isn't it? I'm sorry for being very.....liberal, but well, that is the way I feel :) I like variety, and most of all I like being open to all sorts of possibilities.

Tell me your comments.

So, eniwi, this are the men fortunate enough to be in my garden =P

     *  Simple..pero Rock!
    * *  Mr. Personality
   * * *  Prince Charming
  * * * *  Mr. HOT & SPICY
 * * * * * Man_of_my_wildest_dreams


From : Gundam W

Background :

Treize is the charismatic
leader of earth who prohibits peace. According to him 
there is only one person that understands him and that is
no other than his subordinate, Lady Une. He believes 

everything is his and there is no such thing as God. He handles everything in a cool manner (which makes him soo cool!).


From : Yuyu Hakusho

Background :

Koenma is the Prince of Reikai and  the one who gives souls their deserved destination. He is also  the kid who gave Yusuke the egg that hatched Puu. As far as I know, all his life, he has worked for his notorious tempered dad, Enma, the ruler of the Spirit World with so much paper works. Whenever he goes down to Ningenkai, he transforms  from being a cute baby boy to a handsome teenage guy. However, he still wears the pacifier.


From : Garou Densetsu

Background :
He is the older brother of the equally skillful {and cute too!} Andy Bogard, and the lover of  - what's  the name  again? Ah, never mind. As far as I know, he is an unfortunate lover and his women always ended up dead { like Suria who committed suicide} .  Eniwi, he's the son of Jeff

Bogard, whom Geese Howard assassinated. He , then, after ten years journey, tries to be the best he can be for the success of avenging his father. According to some assholes around here, Blue Mary is his cousin. Well, that's what the assholes had said so I can't be sure about that.


From : Rurouni Kenshin

Background :

He is the follower of Shishio  Makoto and is very loyal to him. He is called as the Heavenly Sword because he is a "natural born" swordsman and his abilities seemed to come from heaven, not merely from repeated practices. He have been through a great pain during his childhood, hence, from then on, he lost all his feelings except pleasure. Therefore, he wears a smile even when he

kills.  He doesn't project any "Ki" when he fights and nobody can anticipate his moves or  even what he's thinkin . He's the most terrible opponent anyone could find.



From : Rurouni Kenshin

Background :

The teacher of Himura Kenshin.  He is the master of Kenshin, successor of  the 13th generation of Hiten Mitsurugi Ryuu and lives as a hermit in the country near Kyoto , changing his name to "Kakunoshi Nitu". He works as  a ceramics artist.  He assists Kenshin in fighting the 10 Swords.  Seijiuurou Hiko is originally the name of the founder of Hiten Mitsurugi Ryuu. If  anyone is able to learn every strike of the school, he would become

 the successor and adopt the name "Seijiuurou Hiko".


From_: Akazukin Chacha

Background :

He is a student of Dorothy, training to be a magician. He is wise, often the only one thinking around and more often than not the only who makes a complete sense. His father is a knight of the enemy , Daimaru, but because of him, he manages to save his father from his won destruction. 

He likes Chacha, and so is often angry when Chacha praises his so-called rival Riiya.


From : Fushigi Yuugi

Background :

He is the  Emperor of Konan Country and a Suzaku  seishi. He is also an adept swordsman. Since his childhood Hotohori lived a lonely life. Having heard of the legend of the Suzaku No Miko ever since his childhood years , he believes that she would  bring the happiness missing in his life. After meeting Miaka  he falls in love with her and wishes to be with her forever. Also, 

he's  kind of really egoistic at times.


From : Magic Knight  Rayearth

Background  :

He is the brother of Lantis and the conqueror of Cefiro. He is in love with Emeraude, the princess of Cefiro . He loves Emeraude so much that he wanted to free her from the burdens of ruling an empire.   He was killed by Luce (Hikaru?) anyway, and right after that, Emeraude committed suicide.


From : Weiss Kruez

Background :

Ran Fujimiya is also known as "Aya" after the name of his sister whom he vowed to take vengeance for. He is the group leader of the Weiss Kruez and therefore leads them to fighting the bad guys (Takatoris), though more often than not he is 

head strong, aggressive, detached and hot tempered than most of his colleagues. He is more objective than subjective in dealing with almost everything. Aya likes money and a girl named Sakura (bcoz she resembles his sister), his image flower is rose. The earring he wears in his left ear is his sister's in his way to remember her as she lay unconscious in the hospital (aside from using her name). He rarely smiles and never voices out how he feel, seemingly rather cold, though inside Aya is somebody who does have feelings.


From : Rekka No Honou

Background :

He is the master of Ensui, a water sword, (and its technique using either water or ice). Somehow, he may seem selfish, cold (yeah..like his ice) and really mean, but in reality, he had been through so much in his young life  that he tends to hide his true feelings. In the series, he devoted his time and energy and while life to getting revenge on the one true murderer of his sister (yes, 

like Aya, but unlike Aya, his sister is dead) only to find out later that his master is the one responsible for his sister's death.  In the end, he's no longer alone, and he has become less cold, though he doesn't seem to have been linked to *any* gurl romantically. (kewl! no rivals!) 9i don't like to think yanagi-idiot is his type! puh-lease!)


From : Gundam W

Background :

A millionaire from L-4, Quatre, young beautiful lad,  is the Pilot of Gundam 4 (Gundam Sandrock). He has short golden hair and blue eyes that results to such an angelic face. His father have died and his sister , a doctor, died in saving him, leaving Quatre with much

hatred and anger. *Damn!* Whats with the sisters?


From : Rurouni Kenshin

Background :

Saitoh is the cool guy who can light his cigarette while the whole town gets aflame. He is formerly in the Shinsen group, then disappeared to reappear later as Goro Fujita who attacked and defeated Sano quite easily. Later, he joins Kenshin fight against Shishio's group and killed Usui himself. He claims to have a wife, Tokiya, though I haven't seen her. He is a very perceptive and clever 

and witty and skillful man. Though he is quite old for me, he is the kind of man I'd like to marry^^


From : Rekka No Honou

Background :

Kurei is Rekka's older half brother - meaner, tougher and with more sex appeal than the mouthy little bro. He was supposed to be the successor of the power from the Hokage clan, but since Rekka came to life and had shown some extra ordinary capabilities while he was but a kid, Kurei was set aside and the clan honored Rekka instead. Kurei's mother was a bitch, hated by the people, so it wasn't hard gating Kurei as well. At one time, probably at age 5, he attempted  to kill 

Rekka, but failed. So he was imprisoned. Later,  he and his mother were cast out of the clan to live in a hut, as poor as a rat. This ill memories scarred his heart which lasted even until four hundred years later- when he vowed to take vengeance for his mother. However, love wasn't entirely washed away from his heart. He was involved with Mistress Scarlet, which really displeased his present father, Mori. So Mori killed Scarlet to arouse Kurei's fierce nature and encourage hatred in his heart - all for Mori to promote his self interest in gaining eternal life. But nothing - not even death itself could separate Scarlet and Kurei, as Scarlet became Kurei's flame which clashed against Rekka's 8 dragons. Kurei's inspiration mainly came from his mother and Scarlet, both of whom fate had taken away from him.


From : Card Captor Sakura

Background :

Touya is a sophomore, Sakura's older and only brother. According to Sakura (but I don't think so....=) , Touya is mean and rude, but that's because he always call her "monster". But I don't think so anyway. I think he is just being sweet to his sister!


From : Magic Knight Rayearth

Background :

Eagle...is...well, I have forgotten what his role is in Magic Knight Rayearth. As far as I know, I just like that stud when I first saw him (when he adopted Hikaru). And then, he is with this two guys (whats d name?) with the one having a strong liking for candies.


From : Gundam W

Background :

The pilot of Gundam 5 (Shienlong Gundam), he's the direct descendant of Ancient Chinese warriors and hears the name of a true fighting man. He instinctively senses when people have evil thoughts , identifies them as enemies and relentlessly attacks them. You can easily identify him whenever he chants something about justice.

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