Attention,Filipino Otakus!!!
Do any of you know anyother anime shops which sells a *lot* cheaper stuffs aside from those inGreenhills which sells anime stuffs almost double the price??  Prettyplease tell me so and I'd really appreciate it kasi it's sobrang mahalna @ my blasted pocket can't take it anymore!!! 

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Note : I've omitted thistype of box here (though some remain with special infos marked with ***)bcoz mostly, sites under this category are the same - they are all profitoriented, so you know what to expect in their sites! Less entertainmentsort:D

Title: A Great Pia Carrot Site

Title: Anime CruiseLines 


Title: AnimeNation
** Free email account of animethemes (mine is tokyo-3!)

Title: Anime Palace 

Title: AnimePitstop
maintainedby : webmaster

Title: Anime Planet 

Title: Anime Plus

Title: Anime Taro

Title: Digital Otaku Club
*Filipino Otakus, alert!! Thisis the place where you can pursue happines through anime - ok, so not somuch really to be seen here, but be a member!! At least, they claim tobe helping otakus lessen the burden of paying so much when it comes toanime stuffs. *Through digital means*

Title: House Of Anime

Title: Serpent
maintainedby :
email :
Another animewhere you can know more about different anime titles.

Title: Soyokaze fansubs

Title: Zentraedi
** They sell dozen of stuffs! Someanime they sell aren't even in greenhills yet, i think!..Also,I think theyhave a buy 5 take one system...check their site out for more infos...

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