Now, lemme jazz tell you that it ain't only men who can fly. Women are born polygamous as well. Agree or disagree? Ah, basta. If I , the great T.D.G. says it, then it's true. Aw ,jazz kiddin' don't mind my ego. Uh-oh. Here I go again. OK. So maybe, according to my e-mail pal, liking more than one man ain't being polygamous but going after one man maybe is. As for me, I dunno. I go after them, but they ain't what you can , in reality, call 'men'. Too baddddd!!!!!! But , really, maybe it's for the better. Many guys will cry for me .Hahahahaha!!! Whatever. Am I Poison IV? Ugh. I prefer Cleopatra. Oh. maybe they're both divas.

How did I know? No, I don't. That's just for my fanfic. Shiori is Kurama's greatest weakness as Keiko is Yusuke's. The same thing for Yukina, Kuwabara nd Hiei. {Now, that's 2 - TWO- fish in one bait. Nice, Yukina! She's diva too? }And Botan is Koenma's as Meg is Hercules's? Nah. I don't think so.  Botan seems to be evrybody's girl. But whaddyaknow? I've never been a man in my life. I dunno if thazz right. Jazz made that up. Again. Agree or disagree? Mail me.

              So, eniwi, this are the other men :

       Name :  Andy Bogard         Background :          
                                                    Background :
         Background :





            Name : Tamahome

            From : Fushigi Yuugi

            Background :

        Name : Hotohori

        From : Fushigi Yuugi

        Background :

         Name : Kenshin  Himura  
          Background :  
          Background :  
        Name : Quatre Rabera Winner         Background :  

Those mentioned above are only *few* of my crushes. My other men are not ready for public appearances :) but when I do find pics of them, I'll be sure to put them up!! Anyway, here's some of them : Xellos, Abel, Romeo , Joe Maya, Eagle, Mitsurugi, Jin Kazama, Fao la Fini, Siegfried, Hwoarang, Hayato, Syouryu, Eisin Daikakuia, Teo,  Kyo Kuzanagi and Chief Officer Tokarin (oh my gosh oh my gosh!!!!!!!) You're Under Arrest!  (? speel?), Kisumi (Ninku), Sekirai (Ninku) Master (?) (Saber M. J) Jubei Kabigami (Ninja Scroll)  .....ahhhh! There's  just so many. Just come back some time later f you don't know those I mentioned, because if I find some pix of them, I'll show you!

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