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Note : Some fics may contain adult materials.  Please read responsibly and know your limits:)

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Akazukin Chacha

Chacha is a witch in training, raised by the world's greatest magician Seravi. Though she often fails, she has two special friends to count on : Shiine, a bright cute little boy who is the student of Seravi's first love and arch rival, Dorothy, and Liiya, a boy of enormous strength and appetite but of extremely low I.Q (he's cute too!) who can turn to a very kawai white wolf. Chacha encounters various people as she journeys to save her family from the evil Daimaru ,then later on, simply fighting to inspire us with good laugh, with of course, love , courage and hope as she gets her teacher's title as the world's greatest magician!

Title Type  No. of Parts Author
The One I Trust  Self Narration 1 T-chan

Fushigi Yuugi

Yuugi Miaka and her best friend Hongo Yui is transported to the world within the mysterious red book which was a reminiscent of  Ancient China that is also the setting of the battle between two rival kingdoms - Konan and Kutou. Yui falls in love with Sou Kishinku (Tamahome) who meets them and helps them to get back home. However, Tamahome is already in love with Miaka , so Yui, feeling betrayed, decides to work for Kutou country and be their Sieryuu no miko as Miaka is the Suzaku no miko of the Konan country.  With colorful characters, crazy love triangles and great action fights, this shows the exciting quests of Miaka with her friends as she yearns to avail of the three wishes in order to get her and Yui back home and for Yui to understand everything.

Title Type  No. of Parts Author
The Sun  Melic Prose:) 1 T-chan


Rurouni Kenshin

Red-head invincible swordsman Himura Kenshin is a guilt racked former assasin "Hitokiri Battousai" who lives ten years after Meiji restoration, this time, not to kill, but to protect those people in need. Kamiya Kaoru, a 17 year old (yes, single and unmarried) adopts him after being rescued by the red-head from her enemies. Later on, Sagara Sanosuke and Yahiko Myojin join the K-K family and together, they face all those filler eps until its by the mid-part where the story begins to take place. Kenshin then travels to Edo to save it from the evil plans of his former sempai, Shishio Makoto, who at that time, is already harassing the Meiji government and is halfway executing his dreams in conquering all of Japan and militarizing it.

Title No. of Parts Author
Blue Skies             01 Team Bonet
Dream with Eyes Open              01 Team Bonet
Hunk of Junk               01 Team Bonet
Finding Your Way              01 Team Bonet
New Life              01 T-chan
Peace of the Sword               02 Team Bonet
Report 56043              01 Team Bonet
The Memory of the Storm              01 Team Bonet
Touched_by_the_Tiniest_Hands              01 Team Bonet
Venom              04 T-chan

Vampire Princess

Miyu  is a vmpire, the Kyuuketsuki, whose bite doesn't kill; instead, its effect is otherwise  - immortality --- an eternity of being lost in personal, internal fantasy. Thus, her human victims are mostly those who have some subtle deathwish or tragedy, people who are weak and would rather live in a fantasy world than in harsh reality. ( such people include children who miss their dead or distant parents, a young girl who can't stand to see her beloved brother drift away, a boy who doesn't want to grow up and face the corporate life expected of him, and so on.) The Shinma, which are demon-like, god-like beings who have a bad habit of preying on human life. Miyu and her Shinma servant Larva have the task of returning the Shinma to the Darkness whence they came. Miyu, who have been destined to be a mortal vampire and leader of the Shinma ,for such is the nature of the royal vampire line, accidentally let loose large numbers of Shinma in her (and her mother's) efforts to avoid her becoming a vampire. (Her mother was even planning to kill her beloved daughter to spare her such a life). Thus, because of the Shinma mishap, Miyu is forcibly given agelessness as well as the task of collecting those Shinma she had freed. Now, trapped in this task and quietly wishing she could be something else, she survives on human blood and sends Shinma back to their dark home.

Title Type  No. of Parts Author
Kei  Chronicle 1 T-chan

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