Hello_and_welcome_to my fanfic library!! This is where I gathered my fanfics for public viewing. My fanfics do not  really contain adult materials, though I have somerather mild lemonades ^o^. No money is gained from this and anybody who'dlike to put up their fanfics here will be accepted 
and_appreciated. Please read my disclaimers 'coz I can't risk my poor self getting sued. Thanks and enjoy. BTW; what do you guys think about Langley Asuka andMaxwell Duo?? I think they'd make a great pair, ne? I mean, both are bestowed upon by nature with such big mouths and....hehehe...forget it..See, I ain'tno Asuka fan and I love Treize Khushrenada and Quatre R. Winner.
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The following takes placein..my crazy world, so don't try to associate it so much with the series.The first one is supposed to set in Tokyo when Kenshin was still a parasite.The next three are all in Kyoto and the Juppon guys are still on.    

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      Fushigi Yuugi 
 "Kimiwa bokuno Taiyouda..." 
 I speak about mylove for Hotohori through Nuriko (I am Nuriko!!- though I'm a girl and not gay..hmmm..should I use "atashi" instead of "boku"??). Slightly changed names and story...hehehe.. I added some stuffs. Frankly, I don't know how Nuriko's sis died. 

A former partner of Raizenhas come back to get revenge on Yusuke for the actions of his father along time ago. However, no power could lead him to win against Yusuke exceptthat of Koenma's which he had to get. Kentaro's slave assigned to get Koenma'spowers, who unfortunately, falls in love with Koenma. Unknowing of anything, falls for the girl as well and goes out for the girl who might break his heart. And Yusuke? Well, he falls in love with another girl whose ex-fiance goes after Hiei's girl,in Hiei's anger. And Kurama? Yomi uses Kurama to dom him a favor of hurting Koenma:) ten chapters. quite long (obviously) with mild yaoi  anda  little lemon  


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Allstories, as the name "fic" suggests, are purely fictional and any similarincidents are considered coincidental unless noted diversely. No animalsand plants were harmed during the making of the said fics. No form of profitwill be gained from this, so please don't sue, specially to Togashi-san,Watasei-sama and Watsuki-sensei, I am only a mere fan of your marvelousworks. Please don't take this as something bad and offensive.

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