I have constructed this mainly to honor  those anime characters I really truly adore. These are the certain characters that got my attention. Why ? because they're just like me - partially if not wholly (the former more often). And I love myself so it's not so hard to love them.  The women (yes...women..young women) here are the gals that I think are among the coolest who use not only their brawns, but their minds and hearts as well. And man, they all know how to fight - with  guns, swords , darts, mecha and even bare hands! But most of all , they're not barbarians. They're called.....................women. Only HOT. 

************************************ Name   : Reiko Mikami 
Occupation : GhostSweeper 
Anime  : GhostSweeper Mikami 
Quotes : "I will send you to paradise!"  
"You're boobs are drooping low! Aren't they getting in the way??"  

This is Reiko Mikami, the GhostSweeper, whose New Year's resolution is never to work for free again. Her first love ? Money. Her second? Yen.   

Now this lady here is no damsels in distress.....and she's  actually a baddd girl. She puts a price in your life and if you can't pay it - dewa Sayounara!  

Yeah, you gotta admit this GhostSweeper is not Ms. Goody-goody two shoes whose life is made up of  the fragrant  scent  of yen, BUT you also have to admit :  Reiko is definitely one hell of a strong female character with a great body,  huge breasts, a subtle and smart mind which she uses to outwit her enemies (and even clients)  and a  killer body that can  certainly beat  Lara Croft's  ohh-ahh body. And aside from her good looks and strong sex appeal -and yeah - her witty character, she can actually fight unlike some dumb damsels in distress. Looking at her in her usual purple (purple is jazz soo cool!) , ghosts are inclined to agree with her when she says "I will send you to paradise." Like, what paradise is she referring to, huh? ^_- (OK, so no ecchi please) What more, she is gutsy, BADD awesome and realistic and certainly NO MS. NICE GIRL with weakness of her own (money money money!!!) And another thing - she doesn't need any knights in shining armor to save her from trouble!  Now isn't this missy here so good it hurts???

Name  : Kei 
Occupation : Trouble Consultant 
Anime : Dirty Pair// Dirty Pair Flash 
Quote : "Don't blow up tomorrow what you can blow up today!" 

Meet Kei - not the same tear jerky crybaby-ass filly, but another strong female character that has the motto "Don't blow up tomorrow what you can blow up today!" She is reckless, rugged, boyish, terribly awesome and wears that oh-so -I-hate-it--so-much that-I'd-love-to-wear-them- 

someday kind of clothes that is *very* un-daring and *conservative*.( Like someday, I'd like to eradicate bra existence from the whole world 'coz  sometimes, not wearing one is even better:) She knows to kick some major booty and can definitely put up a fight and has that attitude that fuels up her already hot character even more to the maXXXX!!! *kyaaaaaa! I want another partner!!!*  She is tough and goes out with lots of men (like me:) and quite skillful in armed or unarmed combat. Now that is one heck of a girl!

Name  : Rei Ayanami 
Occupation : EVA Pilot 
Anime : Shinseiki Evangelion 
Quote : "You're a hag." 

2 words for Ayanami Rei : kick ass! The depiction of her incredibly enigmatic and unique character is way awesome . She is so much better than the loud-mouthed Asuka (that red head reminds me of my *very * annoying classmate who I love to LOATHE !), even though she acts like a zombie. She's tough and strong and that's basically what makes her soo cool. Personally, I think she and Trowa Barton'll make a great pair. I mean, both of them shuts off their emotions, bonded by mystery and speaks only when necessary. She is totally 

 100% one of the coolest female anime characters ever and she has enough courage for a 14 year old! Also, she rarely voices out her feelings and takes everything calmly. Talk about HOT!

Name  : Natsumi Tsujimoto 
Occupation : Bokutoo Police Officer 
Anime : Taiho Shichaozo  
(You're Under Arrest!) 
Quote : "When they kick you, you kick them back!" 

Another diva - Tsujimoto Natsumi!!! Aside from being blessed with an irresistible charm and mighty self, she is an impressive hog-rider and has this fighting spirit that never ceases her -yeah even Miyuki- from into lots and tons of action. She's so self-motivated, confident and has an incredible strength compared to any ordinary lady as old as she is. Another thing  - she has a wild sense of humor and this naive-kiddie side that adds spice to the anime. 

 imagine, fighting with little kids just for some little toys  V_V (Nakajima's treat!) Aside from all of those, she just beat Miyuki by one point in one aspect -- Tokarin!!! Tokarin is totally even more awesome than  that dork Nakajima!! I mean, duh?? You don't have to wear glasses to know!

Name  : Kagero 
Occupations : poison taster, ninja girl 
Anime : Ninja Scroll 
Quote : "I need no one." 

Oh my Kagero! *weep* This deadly chick really moved me. Yes, her body may be filled with poison, but definitely not her mind and heart.  
Within that fighting stance is another vulnerable lady that is no different from any of us women now - and she died proving it.  One more thing I like about her is that no matter what tough 

nutball she may be outside, that soft sensitive side within still manages through......(damn..Ayanami just seems so hard, ne?) and men are just too stubborn to appreciate her- and yes- even give women like her the respect they truly deserve. She is really an admirable character from within and without (I like her eyes..her hair..her body..her looks!), still with dignity and honor and her tragic life just got me awfully sad. What an unfortunate woman she is! But frankly, she is also lucky to have met Jubei. Or maybe Jubei is pretty lucky he met such lady as she.

Name  : Misao Makimachi  
Occupations : Oniwabanshuu                member/Okashira, Aoiya employee,     part-time thief 
Anime : Rurouni Kenshin (Samurai X) 
Quote : "Misao ja nai! Okashira!"  

Wow - isn't she great or what? This ninja girl really made Rurouni Kenshin an even better anime. She has long hair (in braids - like Nuriko's!), wears shorts, has those young innocent eyes , wacky character and has a very firm stand on her belief. To add to that, she is emotionally resilient at the same time with faults that normal 16 year old girl would have. Well, 

 Kenshin's neat but he's just wayy so perfect....while Misao...she's an entirely lovable girl that can communicate with us fans very well. Also she has one love of her life : Aoshi Shinomori who obviously doesn't deserve such a fine young lady like her. (Damn you, Shinomori! What happened to you??) And I almost forgot : she has one of the best character singles ever!!!!      

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