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Although his true existance began long before he was clothed in flesh (with the name Father of Gods) and remains a mystery to all but a few. Brok, also known as Battle-Demon has a history that few can meet when it comes to emotional ups and downs.

Brok Redman was supposedly born in Tyran under cover of night to a pair of Baal-Rog demons that were just passing through, when the two left the were on a long journey. They figured a baby would have been a burden, so Brok was left behind. He was found by a Gunslinger who looked after him til he was old enough the protect himself.

He grew fast and strong with each passing day. The young demon was more intelligent than most of his species and was able to learn human speech (after a well placed punch to the throat by Shyno of Dk) also quickly becoming very formidable in magic at an impossible rate, as though he were born to it.

He wandered as a loner for a while keeping to himself until he found the 'Vampire Pub' and decided to try and make friends. this was disasterous as he was attacked at every turn. He met one person he liked there zXVictorybmine she was nice to him while others were scared or attacked him. but one person was not enough to tie the demon to one spot. He left the land of Tyran and wandered alone for a few years.

Eventually he returned to Tyran and met up with the very man that had raised him til he was strong enough to survive on his own. he struck up a friendship with this man, Dethstryk and his son Shaytanstryk. Brok took it upon himself to protect their women LadyDeath and Xeniastryk. Unfortunately, people decided that Brok was a threat and for the second time in his life he was ostracised by society. He was even attacked by a vT member.

Brok once again left for a while, but this time he was gone only a matter of months. He had left a demonic hunter and protector, a bodyguard and bloodthirsty monster. He returned much more. Able to shapeshift into the form of a human with wings. He was as intelligent as any human, but had no recollection of where he had been. He met TaraShani, daughter of LadyDeath and Rune and fell in love with her after he gutted a rabbit and she slingshot a kitten into a wall (don't ask ok????). They were very much in love and became engaged to be married.

He, Tara, and Spellweaver decided to rebuild vT which had left Tyran on a journey some time before. Some of the members from the old clan came back and some stayed with LadyDeath in a far-away land called "Egypt".

Brok adjusted to his position of Lord easily, he helped Tara set up a new system of government and ruled with an iron fist. His determination and drive to succeed was tempered by his love for his family. He and Tara were then the King and Queen of vT and Spellweaver the Chancellor.

During his reign, Brok did a number of firsts in vT. The first was allowing three simultaenous leaders, renaming the clan Vampire Trinity to stand for the three leaders, a practice which has now become commonplace in Tyran. He was vT's first 'fighting lord' another practice picked up by some clan leaders to a lesser degree. He was also the first Lord of vT to actively engage in the clan's poitics as far as governing it. Dc became the first 'chaptered' clan in Tyran when Brok and DemonLord make a pact, Dc was entitled full rights within the vT clan, yet allowed to keep their own customs. Under Brok, Tara and Spellweaver, vT became the most powerful and feared clan in the land of Tyran.

Of course all things come to an end, and this time frame was no exception, Brok went missing after he found that Shaytanstryk and TaraShani were having an affair. Brok knew she was pregnant and had The Confessor abort the children with his shotgun. He later found that the children were his and not Shaytanstryk's and resurrected them, capturing the Confessor in a time of madness, blaming him for the death of his children and torturing him. Eventually The Confessor would escape and send Brok to where he was spawned from. Brok follwed Confessor back to Tyran years after his disappearance to find the land greatly changed.

Brok is quite large in either form. In his human guise he is 6'2'' and has a muscular build. His demon incarnation stands at twelve feet and weighs almost 1000 lbs. Both forms have large bat-like wings and a tail. His demon form constanly drips blood from its teeth. The demon has a love of skulls and enjoys cleaning them and admiring them. He occassionally takes the skull of a victim if they were an extremely good fight.

A firm believer in justice and a very strict ruler, he had been known to declare war on a clan for the actions of one or two members. He never tolerated disrespect or disobedience from his clan members but was less strict with them than other rulers were with their clans. He accesses every situation and come up with a punishment that fits the crime.

He took the name Battle-Demon to show respect for Battle-Magus (a.k.a. Shaytanstryk, a friend at the time) and to show that he was to be a warrior king not just a ruler that ordered troops to their deaths. He sent no vT member into a fight he would not go into himself during his reign and after his fall from the throne he never again sought after leadership roles. He preferred to be a loner, seeking more and more magic to add to his vast arsenal of knowledge. He is quite possibly the strongest living creature of magic in the land to date beneath the gods themselves. He ensnared Shaytanstryks soul after tricking him into thinking he had had a vision of what he had to do to save the Stryk family. Shaytanstryk placed his soul into his own Sword of Demonicus. Brok later gave the soul to Khasana. His past now begins to haunt him, the time before he was a demon, as old remenents of it begin to show up in Tyran. This started when he found his daughter, Serashayson and tried to kill her betrothed, Confessor, Sera called her mother to aid her in getting Confessor's soul back after Brok hurtled it into the void and Brok quickly did as he was asked by the Middle Fate, he brought Confessor back. The feelings he had for Lechesis, the middle fate in his other life came flooding back.

During a battle with onsters deep under the halls of the old Manor clans home, the demon put these powers to use, and in doing so, inadvertantly created a mountain under the castle. He now uses it as a lair. Asked by a druid of the zX to move the mountain he did so in a unique fashion, he made it mobile. It now exists in two seperate plains of reality, caught between time as well, and is only able to become solid on the nights the twin moons of Tyran are in alignment. This happens about onceevery 50 years or so. In order to get to the mountain at other times, one must travel the void, where the demon has set up a portal to his home prior to placing a spell there preventing any other form of access.

During a struggle with the Dark Overlord of Kaal'Ratha, Brok was mortally wounded, his body was cursed by Harbinger to remain in K until his death, as punishment for standing against him.

Brok proposed to DeathzxAngel in the club, TyranNights in front of everyone. DeathzxAngel had born him two children in the past but was now married to Astynax, one of the best fighters in the land. The demon cared little for Astynax's ego however and was told by DeathzxAngel that she needed time to think the situation over.

Before Brok could get an answer from her a situation involving his mentor, Dethstryk, arose and he was forced to again leave Tyran to assist his friend.

The Baal'Rog went on his way, leaving the land and eventually came in contact with Serinastryk. He admired the beauty from a distance, watching her working with the guns that marked her profession as a Gunslinger of Irendi, the homeland of his mentor Dethstryk. Indeed, Dethstryk we kin to this vixen as was the demon's old enemy Shaytanstryk. Brok didn't know whether to kill Serina out of spite for her father, Shaytanstryk or not.

Now he digs himself deeper and deeper into his past (and trouble) and wonders what his future can hold.

This is _円-(V)_'s sword. Like all rune weapons it is telepathically linked to it's owner. If you need to contact him please feel free to tell the sword your problems, concerns or questions.

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