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Welcome to Z Game Software! This site has visulazations, hacks, fangames, et cetera all made by us. So have fun...or something..


8/5/02 - I've been messing around with the Layout of the site a lot. It's still not complete yet. We are currently trying to think of a good layout, bre with us. - AJ

6/7/02 - Sorry for the Delay in the updates. I have been very busy, but now I will be able to update this a whole lot more since we got out of school May 31 =D. Anyway as for what's new... Well the fond color has been changed so it is more readable. The counter we had was changed to a more accurate one. The Projects section is now up so you can check that out if you wish. Everybody has also had their description completed in the Staff Section, except STH2K. That is all for now. More soon! - AJ

4/15/02 - Almost every section is open now. All we need now is the FAQ section to be finished

4/14/02 - There is a new background, and the Download section works. Still working on it so check back soon. - AJ

4/11/02 - New banner is up. PLUS the frames are up too! yay! - AJ

4/10/02 - So, I FINALLY did the big update. I'm still working on it right now so, bare with me. There will be a whole lot added, such as a brand new banner, Links that WORK(you can't see the frames as of right now becuase it would be useless since I don't have any of the other pages up right now but there IS a frame on the left side =D). Plus the most important thing. This site is now called "Sonikku Team and Z Game Software" since we joined up. We have a nice big staff right now, also. So come back soon and the site should be FULLY done! - AJ

2/17/02 - Ok ok I know I barely update this anymore but I am totally changing everything around. It will be totally reconstructed and fixed but until then bare with me ok? - AJ

11/11/01-Updated the GCZ page with the new IFRAME URL. - sth2k

11/9/01 - Good god has it been a long time or what!? I FINALLY updated this site and I am adding a lot!Such as Savestates,Roms,New Sections Ect.! - AJ

8/7/07 - You can now download Shadow Adventure demo! - AJ

8/4/01 - ACK! I should really start getting to Work on this a little more..I think I'm going to upload some more files soon.. - AJ

8/1/01 - Well I changed the layout and that's about it.. - AJ

7/25/01 - A lot of new changes...I got this updates thing made..I added music..and I made sections of the site on that tale over their on the left nice huh? =P - AJ

7/25/01 - Not to much has been done I added that table on the left over there and I have it so you can download Super Mario Total Chaos DEMO - AJ

7/24/01 - This Site has FINNALLY been opened yay! - AJ


"ZGS" Copyright 2002 Alex "AJ" McGucken and Luigi_Link. Sonic the Hedghog and any other related Materials is Copyright By Sega/Sonic Team. Winamp is Copyright Nullsoft Inc. 2002. All Rights Reserved