A Simple Request

Suki Blue


Spike spent what felt like a lifetime lying face down on the ground.  He was thinking.  A strange moment to be giving your brain a good spring clean, but there you go.  No-one said that he had a normal brain.  But Spike was still on the ground for a reason, he had a decision to make and he needed to make it before he got up.


A boot smashed into his ribs for the second time, but Spike barely even registered it.  It was only a boot after all.  He was a Master Vampire, an evil un-dead creature of darkness.  Why the fuck should he be worrying about a simple human foot? He had more important things to be thinking about.


Spike glanced over at his Chinese takeaway that was scattered all about him. Damn! That meant that he was going to have to go back for more.  He had one *very* hungry human waiting for him at home.


Spike thought about his human. His Xander. Ten months they had officially been together.  And it had been the most fantastic ten months of Spike’s un-life.  Sure they argued and fought like two cats in cage, but it was that fiery spark that ignited the rest of their lives together.  The fighting would always turn into frantic, hard fucking followed by whispered apologies and comforting embraces.


An angry voice shouted something that was probably insulting and quite rude, but Spike ignored it. He hadn’t finished his thinking.  Now, where had he got to? Oh yeah, hard fucking.  That had been a surprise.  Xander was not only extremely willing, but he was also very much able, even shown Spike a couple of things.  He smiled at the memory.


The boot collided with his ribs again.


Of course, it wasn’t all about the fighting and fucking.  It was about so much more than that. It was about togetherness, friendship and companionship. It was about having someone to share your life with. Someone to watch TV with.  Someone to go to the movies with.  Someone to go (urgh) shopping with.  Someone to cuddle up with on a rainy night.  Someone to look after you when you are sick.  Someone to comfort when they are sad……..Someone to love.


Spike had never told his human how much he really did love him.  Sure, he would try and show him through little gestures and looks, but he had never said the words. Perhaps tonight should be the night.  Perhaps he would just get up off this freezing cold floor, march home, fling his human on the bed and *tell* him that he loved him.


Ok, so he was finally going to tell Xander exactly how he felt about him, how much he meant to him and how he could never live without him.  Spike made a mental note to pick up some JD on the way home.  He suspected that they would soon both need a stiff drink.


Right then.  So that was one thing sorted, now back to the matter at hand, the reason why he was lying on the floor in a pool of his own blood.


A lousy, disgusting human hovered over him and prepared to land another blow onto his body.  Spike was not even sure how this had happened, or even why this had happened.  One minute he was striding down the sidewalk, Chinese in hand and a punk song in his head, and the next he was lying face down on the ground with no Chinese in hand and nothing but a promise of death in his head.  He was a Master Vampire for Christ’s sake.  No-one fucked with him.  No-one should dare challenge him.


Spike’s first instinct was to jump straight up and tear out the throat of whoever had dared to confront him.  He had a stake in his pocket, his favourite stake.  It was a multi functional stake you know, not just for vampires. It would be so easy to plunge it into this vile man’s ear and watch with a contented smile as it appeared out the other side.


This part was always hard.  It was Spike’s instinct to kill.  And to walk away and leave a human alive with all limbs attached was an interesting challenge.  But he would do it.  Not for the sake of man kind, not to keep the Slayer off his back, but for Xander.  He was onto a real good thing with his human and he was not going to do anything that would jeopardise that. 


It had been Xander that had asked him not to kill.  The other scoobies had just assumed

that he would go right back to his old ways after the chip had malfunctioned, and they had threatened to sweep him up and put him in the bin.  But it was Xander that had showed faith in him, told him that he was so much more than just a blood thirsty vampire.  Xander had asked him, not told him, not to kill.  He had changed his opinion of Xander Harris in that moment.  The vision of the Zeppo had disappeared and it was replaced with a picture of a warm caring human that trusted to his very soul and treated everybody as an equal. 


Spike wasn’t sure why at the time, but he had agreed to Xander’s request.  Of course, he had told the human that there would be exceptions:


1, He would kill in self defence.


2, He would kill to save another human or a nice demon


3, He would kill if the human was particularly ugly, obnoxious or really smelly.


Xander had beamed at that last condition.  Although Spike had used a tone that said that he was deadly serious, Xander knew him well enough to know that it was joke.  He had even teased that Spike could kill that funny little man that worked behind the local newsstand.  Bastard was always short changing them.


Spike thought back.  How long ago had that happened?  How long ago had Xander Harris captured his un-dead heart with one request?  Spike smiled again.  It was exactly one year ago.  One year ago, to the day, the chip had stopped working.  One year ago, to the day, he had promised Xander Harris that he would not kill a human ever again.  One year ago, to the day, his life had changed forever. 


With the decision made Spike jumped up, switched to his gameface and roared. Ok so he wasn’t going to kill this sad excuse for a human, but that didn’t mean that he couldn’t have some fun and scare the shit out of him.


The human screamed and promptly pissed himself.  Spike laughed and waved the human way.  He had got the desired result, no need to draw things out.


As Spike watched the terrified human scuttle away, he pulled out a small pocket book from his duster.  He flicked at the tiny pages until he found the right place and hovered his pen over the three hand drawn columns. 


They read: Pissed self.  Passed out.  Screamed like a girl. 


Grinning, he placed a mark in the first column and noted with a brief laugh that it seemed to be the most popular choice so far.  Spike thought about his human again, this was another ingenious idea of Xander’s.  How had his boy put it?  “Ways to have fun without the need for a funeral”


Jokes aside, un-life was hard.  Everyday Spike had the urge to kill and drink human blood.  But every day it got that little bit easier.  And it was Xander that made it that way.  It was Xander that had got Spike through this last year.  It was Xander that had calmed him when he threatened to go and rip out a random jugular. It was Xander that had held him when he cried, the urge to kill ripping through him like a blunt sword.  Xander had made it better, gave him something to try for, gave him a reason to be good.


With Xander in mind again, Spike turned and walked towards the Chinese takeaway.  His boy must be ravenous by now.  He also decided to find somewhere that sold chocolate cake.  Spike had the urge to celebrate, he had lasted a whole year without killing and with Xander by his side, he felt confident that they would be celebrating a second anniversary this time next year.

The End

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