Scott's bio

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Name : Scott W-B

d.o.b : 3rd March 1988

Influences : 36 CRAZYFISTS fucking rule!!! So do Less Than Jake and Head Automatica!!! Daryl Palumbo is a fucking legend! And i love Alkaline Trio!!!!!

Position in band : vocals (better)

About me : Well... um... so... im 5ft 10', how tall am i???!! lol! iv got blue eyes, short brownish hair and i love music!!! I go to city college, i enjoy photography and watching porn. I LOVE getting drunk... in fact... im gonna get drunk now.

A few words from me : Yo bitchese!! hows it hangin! brads annoyin me like fuck!!!! oh well, shit happens. Hopefully when we get going, we'll be brilliant and awesome and sexy and good and stuff... and these are lyrics to 'broken smile' AND ILL KEEP MYSELF TO MYSELF AND GIVE EVERYTHING AWAY... REMEMBER TO FORGET THAT IT GETS WORSE EVERYDAY.......... UNTIL THE NIGHT FALLS....... ILL BE ALONE, ON MY OWN!!!!!!!!!!!