Brad's bio

Name : Bradley Smith

d.o.b : 27th december 1985

Influences : my chemical romance , the used , taking back sunday and michael jackson ( not a kiddy fiddler!!!!)

Position in band : vocals

About me : Im 5ft 10" roughly, i have black hair blue eyes, gay tendancies and the seal of approval is wot i like breaking best (uooh uooh)(seal like sounds)

A few words from me : hey, uummm dont know what to type but hey,whatever=)right, my chemical romance are so fefing awesome, they blew tbs away and the used are good to!! mcr were better tho, so, i need to finish writing a new song, half way there, got to sort it out then think of a name for it im sure scotto will help,well thats me in a nutshell so ill see you later, by the way im not gay?!?!?!