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Hello All! My name is Anne and welcome to my new website dedicated to the romance of Buffy & Spike

BUFFY: Easy. We burn the house to the ground and collect the insurance. Plus, fire? Pretty.
Buffy talking about how to fix her money problem in 'Flooded'


Prophecy Girl: About Me
Tell me a Story: My Fanfic and Fanfic Recs
Merciful Zeus!: Videos
Grr Argh: Other websites related to Spuffy

8-10-05: Added a video page. Hope you Enjoy.
11-29-04: I was nominated at the Spuffy Awards for my fiction A Change. it's the first time ever I've been nominated for anything, let alone my first ever fiction! I'm so psyched! I love all of you who nominated me. Thank you Thank you Thank you! I love you all. For Real :)

Now go out there and Vote! There are some great stories that have been nominated. Also my favorite Spuffy Archive 'Spike & Buffy Central' has been nominated for best site! Very cool!
11-28-04: Sorry I haven't met up with my promise. I have a lot of stuff on my shoulders and it's hard for me to make time to finish the site. I will, you can count on that, but maybe not til January will it be fully up and running. Sorry for the inconvienence and thanks for all of you who have visited the site. Please sign the guestbook before you leave. No one has yet:(
11-11-04: only fanfic of mine you can reach right now is Giving In
I'll try to get the rest up soon!
11-07-04: Not all the links work, but I'm working on it! Thanks for wating
11-08-04: Just Getting My Website Up And Running! I Hope You Like It!

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Disclaimer: I own nothing related to BtVS. They are property of Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy Co.

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