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The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics: A Totalitarian Society, Not a Communist One

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Whose Ideology Did Vladimir Lenin (and later Stalin) Really Intend to Follow both Before and After He Envisioned and carried out his Coup d' etat and changed the Face Of Russia (and Perhaps the World)Forever? Click here to Find Out:

Karl Marx - May 5 1818- March 14 1883 An economic, social philosopher and the author of the Communist Manifesto and Das Kapital, Marx believed in equality and fair shares for everyone together with a society that lived by the doctrine "From each according to his/her ability, to each according to his/her need." Marx believed that this world he envisioned would be created in a series of steps. First, the bourgeoisie, or business owners and controllers of the means of production and distribution would emancipate and free itself from the rule of the monarchy and nobility classes. They would then themselves become the rulers and establish a rule of the minority over the majority of the people, the working class, or the proletariat. The proletariat was the class that did not own the means of production and distribution but lived by selling their labor, in other words, by advertising and selling their ability to work. Before I do anything with this page and the linked pages that are on it, as well as before finishing this website, which is still under construction, I just want to say that there are at least a handful of pro Soviet, pro Lenin, and pro Stalin people at my university, and there are other groups of them who exist on the internet, and some of them may feel like they might want to pop over here to my website and kick my ass for my many anti Lenin and anti Stalin remarks and for my saying that I don't believe that either Lenin, Stalin, or the whole damn Soviet system was ever Marxist, and will never be, but I will welcome their comments to me anyway, regardless, because I believe that they can think whatever they want about this, even if their thoughts are considered completely wrong by myself. (And as for the people who think that the Soviet Union and the many nations who parroted their system of government were really Marxist, my advice to you is this: Don't take much of anything Lenin and Stalin said as gospel. Especially not the statements they made about themselves being Marxists, because it was all just a trick to get the Russian people to follow and support them. If you believe that which Lenin and Stalin said about themselves, then I think that you are being pretty gullible.) This page is not intended for trying to explain why the people who insist on following Lenin and Stalin dogmatism (although Lenin and Stalin were not always dogmatic; they were actually perfectly capable of being pragmatic as well) are still reluctant to call a spade a spade and just call it what it is, or in other words, to call a totalitarian dictator a totalitarian dictator instead of pretending that he is a democratic Marxist interested in helping the poor and oppressed people of society, even though for Pete's sake the truth about them is out there in cold hard facts (and I do not mean the distortions of history created by screwed up Western medias, which I am aware of and hate with a passion, but real facts about the Soviet Union and its governments written by real people who have actually lived through the experiences, such as David Shub and Edvard Radzinsky), because this really needs a talk and would require some more complicated research (but who knows, I may decide to make a page about it, or I might just decide to add it to this page.) This page is to explain why and how the Soviet Union and its governments violated and distorted Marx's ideas and writings, thriving like maggots all over them, polluting their purity and using them to their advantage to manipulate the Russian people into doing and being what the Soviet governments wanted them to do and be. This is really intriguing for anybody who is interested, and I hope you've got time to spare, because I could go on forever with examples of how Marx's ideas were distorted and violated.