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About me and some reasons why I decided to Make this Website

Thought For The Day; Dick went to a party. Dick got drunk. Dick decided to drive home. On the way home Dick became intimately acquainted with a telephone pole via a car accident. Dick died. Don't Be a Dick! (Thank you Lisa for letting me use this for my website. You know who you are.) Anyway, to return to the main page of my website click here.

This is a pic of me taken on March 8, 2008. If you would like to add me to MSN my MSN is I have received a few emails and guestbook entries from various people, and these people were wondering why I wanted to make this website in the first place. Well, I wanted to please all of my visitors (obviously!), so I decided to put up this page listing all the reasons why I wanted to create this profile about Nikolai Bukharin, and to also add other information on the site as well. It's fine to agree or disagree with me about anything on my site if you want to, because I believe in democracy (although Marx had said that when human evolution reaches a certain point in its existence there will no longer be any need for a state and then the state/government will just wither away, but until then, I believe that true democracy and true equality is the correct way for humankind to go) and, well, how can I call myself a believer in democracy, Marxism - Bukharinism, and the principles of equality, if I only respected those people who agreed with me? But these reasons are just my personal opinions. I hope that you all enjoy reading them. So read on, not only for these reasons, but also to read some basic information about me, as well. The first reason I made this Website. I'm a great lover of and studier of history. In my studies I have cometo the conclusion that in history, it seems that often,the bad people are often much better known than the good (or at most, not as bad) people. For example, Adolf Hitler is far better known than Oscar Schindler, the man who helped save the lives of many people when Hitler was trying to carry out his plans for European, and then world, conquest. The same is with Russian and Soviet Union history. Lenin, Stalin, and the Bolsheviks who committed many evils against the Russian people, are far better known than Bukharin and the others who tried to protect their people against government wrongdoings. Now I know that learning all about the bad people of history is extremely important; there is that little saying that those who don't know the mistakes from history are bound to repeat them, but it'sjust that I believe the heroes who have martyred themselves and sacrificed themselves to defend others and fight for human rights should be studied just as much and have their names right alongside the bad people they were trying to save the common people and their lifestyles from. Bukharin did alot for Russia, but he isn't mentioned nearly as much as Lenin and Stalin is. I just don't think it's fair. So I made this website to educate people about Bukharin and to let them know who he was and what he had done to help his people. On the internet I find that it's basically the same. The information existing out there doesn't really do Bukharin justice, so I wanted to put up a website that would do him some justice. A Little Profile About Myself Name: Svetlana Yezhova (I decided to give myself a Russian name. I chose Svetlana because it is my favorite Russian female name. Also, this was the name of Bukharin's daughter. Yezhova- well, it's not that I like Stalin's little sorority kitten- Nikolai Yezhov-whose name just, coincidentally, is also Nikolai Ivanovich- I just really like his surname. Also, a certain acquaintance of mine named me that. And, if I may allow my female hormones to express their opinion a little bit, Yezhov was an extremely handsome man and was the best looking out of all of Stalin's cronies. Keep in mind though, that I also think, No wonder the man was so darn handsome. He was born with all of his good qualities on the outside! So those are the reasons I am Yezhova. Those people of the internet who are familiar with me, though, know my real name. But while I am on the subject- Is it ironic-? is it not? that Yezhov- who had been Bukharin's really good friend; in fact, Bukharin was so happy when Yezhov was appointed to the head of the secret police in 1936 "He won't stoop to any falsification," Bukharin said. Yeah, right. He would when his boss was Stalin and when he was so frightened of The Boss!- would be the one to send Bukharin to his death in 1938? This is not surprising, though, when you realize that this was one of Stalin's ploys-to get people to turn on their friends and sentence them to an execution, or imprisonment, or whatever. Friends sent friends to their deaths. Mikhail Tukhachevsky also went through the very same experience when Stalin had all of his friends sentence him to death. Very, very scary...) Nationality: Canadian Sexual Preference: Heterosexual Occupation: University Student doing an arts degree with a major in Russian Language and Literature and a minor in History. I have one of my majors finished. Political Affiliation: Marxist-Bukharinite Favorite Leader: Nikolai Bukharin, of course! (like duhh). Am I religious: Nope. I freakin' hate religion. I'm an atheist and anti-religion.