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~Mercenaries~ is a crew that is strong, helpful and active. We will not forgive theft, assault, or any decision to undermine the crew. We believe in aiding the Outwar authorities in making this the best online game ever. We will allow people to get sets, items and add to the hitlist as we help others, and not ourselves. We defend ALL members of our crew, and will work hard on stopping all attacks on members. all of us are ~Mercenaries~, and we ALL must raid, and we ALL must hitlist. To join message a leader. If using multis then join with one and a leader shall invite the rest. All members must use the forums and work on giving us a good reputation, and an even better members. We have no choice but to defend all-comers when attacked, and we will NEVER MERGE! Anyone that asks us to merge will be made an enemy and all members will be hitlisted. Do not attempt to mock us. We are not the forgiving sort, if in any way whatsoever anyone attempts to harm this crew, or any members they will be destroyed. Sets are given to the most frequent raid joiners, we will know, and the sets will go to them.