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The Origin of Poison Ivy

(as shown in Scenes 5,6 and 8 of the DVD)

Most heroes and villains' origins circulates around an ordinarily good person's life being turned upside down by attempted murder, tragic accident or other, Poison Ivy's origin is no different. Not originally the goddess we known and love (especially the guys...!) Ivy was a very different woman in the beginning...

Poison Ivy was originally (and in some cases still is) known as Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley. A doctor working for Wayne Enterprises (surprise, surprise), Isley was assigned to work at the Prison Morte in South America. The assignment was known as an 'Arboreal Preservation Project' and she was paired with one Dr. Jason Woodrue. Pamela had a keen interest (which turned to obsession) in plantlife, treating them like her children. At this point of her current research, Isley was trying to create a breed of plant that could fight back like a variety of animals could. Her main method of this kind of mutation was to infuse animal venom from species of snakes into everyday plants. Her work was so far unsuccessful but nevertheless she never gave up. Soon, she plucked up the courage to enter her partner, Woodrue's work area; the Gilgamesh Wing in order to uncover the reason why her materials were constantly being 'whisked away' to his lab thus dramatically slowing her research down.

Sneaking into her partner's lab, Pamela bore witness to the birth of "Bane", the product of maniacal experiments involving her venom samples. Created from a convict (whom was serving life in prison for murderous crimes supposedly) and a 'super-soldier-serum', as Woodrue called it, fed directly into the skull. Bane was a so-called 'super soldier' that Woodrue was planning to auction off to a group of dictators from all over the world (and an unknown 'mystery' bidder whom Woodrue was relaying through a cell phone). After being pumped full of Venom (a codenamed substance that contained venom, steroids and other such chemicals) Bane goes into hyperdrive killing everyone in sight. Pamela gets too close to the action and is nearly hit by an aide of Woodrue's whom Bane had hurled like a rag-doll. Noticing Pamela's prescence for the first time Woodrue whisks his stunned partner away from the scene. Back in the 'safety' of her quarters Woodrue quickly explained to Isley the situation as it stood. Jason Woodrue had been working on a plot for world domination and was being funded by Wayne Enterprises addressing it as; 'Military Applications'. When Bruce Wayne learned of it his funding was immediately cut. Woodrue had been using Pamela's research as a failsafe. A fallback so that he could continue his experiments. Quickly pinning her against a work table Woodrue, with a manic look in his eye, tried to sway her to join him in his conquest. He tried to force her into a kiss with him in desperation, holding her close to him and trying to pull her startled face in to meet his lustful guise that had been unleashed. Isley threw him off in anger. She rejected him immediately, horrified at what he was doing and horrified at the corruption he brought upon her research. After she threatened to turn him over to the authorities, Woodrue calmly accepted her words and promptly killed her as he, as he put it, was 'not good at rejection'.

Later on after Pamela's 'demise', Woodrue was conversing with the winner of the auction stating he will be ready to be shipped by over-night mail soon. Accidently walking over the grave Isley's toxins had burned for her a localised earthquake was triggered grabbing his attention. The ivy that covered it rustled and parted as an eerie pink light glowed underneath the soil. Nervously stepped forward to the disturbance, Woodrue was entranced by the activity. As if in response, the ivy erupted in a mound as a figure emerged from the ground. It was a woman. The most captivating woman Woodrue had ever laid eyes on. Pamela Isley? Surely not. Isley was plain. This entity, this goddess was much more than that. But still the feeling remained... Under her enchanting spell Woodrue dropped his cell phone and dropped to his knees, apparently and understandably stunned. Her charming natural beauty bewitched him into thinking of nothing else. Was this woman the Isley he knew? He hoped so. The woman appeared to be bathed in shaft of sensual moonlight that was tainted with a warm glow of pink, as though it was summoned by her very presense. Her figure was tall, slender and gorgeous. Awakened by the melting pot of venom and God's green earth the woman stretched and moaned as though waking up from a peaceful sleep.

"Dr Isley?", Woodrue asked quietly.

The woman stirred. Finally acknowledging his presense the woman cast her hypnotic gaze upon him.

"Pamela?" he inquired earnestly, amazed at the form she had taken.

Isley responded with an affirmative moan. She was in full knowledge of her beauty and took great pleasure in being the object of Woodrue's desire.

"You look great," Woodrue went on, "especially for a dead woman!"

Woodrue thought it was much too good to be true and that it was a dream of sorts. However, he didn't want to wake up anytime soon! Pleased with his infatuation, Isley giggled to herself as she bore down on him, in total control. With a powerful spell over him, Isley planned to toy with him. Become the venus fly-trap to his fly, for she knew something he didn't.

"Hello, Jason," Isley said with a seductive tone, "I think I've had a change of heart. Quite literally"

The voice was a dead giveaway that this was not Isley he remembered. Isley was reborn- as a goddess! She now apparently had the same designs for the world as he did. Or so he thought. Woodrue edged closer as the woman once known as Pamela Isley went on.

She described to him the changes her body went through.

"The animal-plant toxins had a rather unique effect on me."

She raised her arm and examined it with admiration.

"They replaced my blood with aloe, my skin with chlorophyll..."

She turned to the puppet-like form of Jason Woodrue. Leaning forward she placed her hands underneath his chin and began to pull him towards her.

"...and filled...", she said began with an intoxicating charm to her voice,

" lips..." she teased as she drew him closer towards her sweat-laced, bewitching face where her lips awaited a companion to pleasure. These lips were the body part in which Woodrue was becoming deeply aroused by as well the woman herself. When her tongue emerged and playfully moistened her full, glistening lips his stomach jumped at the sensuality their presence bestowed upon him. She moaned slightly as she drew him close. Parting them, she planted her lips over Woodrue's gaping mouth. Upon contact Isley began to kiss the love-struck Woodrue with a passion that confused him at first but ultimately made him throw caution to the wind and eagerly kiss her back. Her lips were voluptuous- full of tender yet insatiable passion, and Woodrue didn't want it to end. She felt his tongue in her mouth, the old Isley would have been horrified at this behaviour but she welcomed it instead, bringing her own into the field of play. This was clearly a different Pamela Isley, previously Dr Isley would want nothing to do with him: let alone be in the same room as him. Perhaps 'death' had changed her for better, his to be exact. It was true. She had changed for the better- but for her sake, not his. In her eyes, this was retribution. And it was as sweet as the kiss she was giving him. After a few moments Isley released him from the lip-lock. With a dreamy look on her face she finished her thought.

"...with venom." she blissfully stated.

The enchanting spell that Woodrue was under was shattered at that moment. His eyes widened with shock as a rush of fever came over him and his tongue had turned green with toxicity. A burning fluid was corroding his throat and stomach as it travelled through his body- he began to choke. Losing none of her unwavering charm Isley cradled him in her hands.

"Oh. And Jason? One other thing..." she began in a taunting manner.

She stroked his chin as he struggled to breathe, the poison strangling his insides like vines entwining a tree.

"I probably should have mention this earlier..." she playfully murmered.

Woodrue weakly looked at her one last time. She took her hands out from under his chin and placed a forefinger on the would-be dictator's face.

"I'm," she said casting one last repulsed look at him, "poison."

Firmly she prodded him and he fell motionless to the floor of the greenhouse and succumbed to the very poisons he had thought to have killed her with.

Pamela Isley was no more. True to her newfound nature, sexuality and skills she now called herself, "Poison Ivy." A perfect name for her, she thought. As she said herself, she is literally 'poison'. From that moment on- with her new partner, Bane, of course- Ivy sought to make the world safer for plantlife- by any means necessary. Seeking out her old boss for financial and influential support (under the guise of Pamela Isley) Poison Ivy heads to Gotham City to meet the man in question, owner of 'Wayne Enterprises', a man known as Bruce Wayne. (Heard of him?)