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FlameInDarkness Profile

Here's a little about me. I love ot play guitar and occassionally I attempt the sports thing. When I do that attempting the sports thing, it's usually volleyball, softball, swimming, and that's pretty much it. This year I'm going to be a senior, something sorta exciting for me. Who isn't excited about being a senior? My last and final year at high school. Pretty awesome stuff. I work at Donatos, a fancy little pizza place in central Ohio. This semester at high school, I'll be taking two classes and getting out before nine in the morning, which is pretty awesome, then I work, then I've got college courses at OU this quarter. Somewhere in all that I make time for youth group and church. Plenty of my friends attend there.

My Friends

Kimmie~ You've always been there for me when I've needed you most. You're one of my closest friends and yes, I know I do drive you crazy, but we both know it's in my nature. I hope you know if you ever need anything, you can rely on me and I'll help you as best I can. You're the best!

Rhonda~ You're the first person I call if I need someone to hang out with. You're the one who pushes me into a lot of things that I probably wouldn't do myself, but they're a lot of fun. You're part of the reason I came out of my shell and now I'm as crazy as what I am. That's right, people can now blame you for my craziness.

Blake~ You're a pretty cool person to get to know and be around. I like your bubbling personality and our talks (they get real deep, don't they? Just kidding, of course).

Matt~ You've always been there, looking out for me when I've needed it. You give me advice and though I stubbornly don't take it most of the time, you end up being right. You look out for me and offer to be my boyfriend with bondage clothes on (long story). You come and spend time with me at my mom's shop, which is cool. That was pretty cool to just hang out with you for a few hours during the day. Good luck with your new poker glasses too. Hope they work out for you.